Tuesday 17 April 2018

food time - lobos ♥

Located in Soho and Borough High Street, Lobos opened in 2015. Specialising in Spanish meat and tapas, this restaurant was on the agenda for last weekend. After Ollie and I travelled to Shaftesbury Theatre to see the Motown musical (which was incredible by the way), we casually strolled down to Soho afterwards to grab a bite to eat. Ollie has been travelling to Spain since he was very young so he is pretty much an expert when it comes to ordering tapas so I knew Lobos would not be disappointing. 
I don't know about you but I love Soho. The area is busy, bustling and I love walking around in the summer weather. There is so much to do in this area and I love how fast paced everything is. I think this can be said for Lobos too. We arrived at the Soho restaurant and it was pretty busy so I recommend booking a table before you visit. The entrance of the restaurant is quite narrow but I found that this created a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The weather was quite nice on Saturday so it was lovely to see people sitting by the entrance with plates of different Spanish dishes, chatting and drinking wine. 
With Spanish tapas, the dishes are served quickly and constantly, you can understand why Spanish food is so incredible and if you want to try different foods, tapas is ideal. We ordered croquetas, a tortilla (a Spanish omelette), zorza and fried egg, bread and padrón peppers. For two people, this amount is more than enough and I fell in love with the croquetas straight away. They tasted incredible and if you have to pick one dish from the tapas section, the croquetas should be top of your list. While we were eating, I did notice how attentive the waitress was. As soon as we finished a dish, the plate was removed and we were offered clean plates. We were really looked after and this made our evening even more enjoyable. It is lovely when a restaurant cares so much about customer service.
Overall, if you are looking for a relaxing location to eat beautiful, authentic Spanish food - Lobos is a great place to visit. It may not have an overly glamourous interior but the food and atmosphere certainly makes it up for it, I would much rather eat here. Lobos serve incredible authentic Spanish food and after visiting Spain for the past three years, Lobos certainly captures the heart and soul of Spanish tapas. I will definitely be returning and if you have booked a theatre show in the evening, Lobos is a delightful destination to stop and eat before you go home. Have you visited Lobos before? Are you a fan of tapas? 

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  1. That food looks SO delicious! My stomach just started rumbling as soon as I looked at all of the photos.


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