Monday 21 August 2017

#tiptalk - treating yourself ♥

Lace Vest and Shorts: Boohoo
After spending my weekend as a maid of honour, it was an incredible experience getting ready with the bride. It gave me inspiration to write today's blog post, I wanted to talk about how you should really treat and pamper yourself. We started the morning nice and early with a glass of prosecco and then the pamper session began. From face masks to fake tan, it made me realise how relaxing beauty products can be and I don't think I spend enough time switching off my phone and enjoying treatments. I think once in awhile, you should allow yourself to be totally selfish. Treat yourself to those silk pjs or book yourself that massage - not only will you benefit your wardrobe or skin but I think it can help you mentally.
I felt incredibly relaxed and it felt lovely to dress up in pretty pj's and spend time with my friends. I know it may seem pretty self explanatory but I do believe we can be so busy with life that we don't hit the pause button enough. My pamper routine started with exfoliating and tanning with the Skinny Tan range and then I put a quick cucumber face mask on from Montagne Jeunesse and I then began my make-up routine, of course I used Eylure lashes and my Blank Canvas palette.

Swapping your big fluffy dressing gown for a pretty, satin robe can definitely add a touch of glamour to your pamper routine and Boohoo have a pretty fabulous range right now. Taking your make-up off can also be just as relaxing, I have been loving the Bioderma Sensibio Water and it has certainly been a pleasure to use. I will actually be reviewing this range separately. So how do you find time for yourself? What makes you feel relaxed? I hope my quick and easy routine has been helpful, I would love to hear what you think of my product picks! ♥

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