Wednesday 14 March 2018

#tiptalk - flowers and interiors ♥

I don't think a room is complete without flowers. I spend my time on Pinterest saving photos of white roses because they are my absolute favourite. When I finally have a place of my own, I will cover my house with roses and exotic plants. Of course, the reality of having white roses is pretty pricey so I wanted to talk about how you can style your bedroom or bathroom with artificial plants. Yes, I know not all plants look great if they are artificial but I have found a pretty amazing website which covers all of your interior needs. 
Commercial Silk offer a range of different artificial plants from small roses to giant palm trees! With such a great range to choose from, it certainly gives you more freedom to decorate your house. I love keeping things classic and simple so my first tip would be to find some roses and a circular, clear glass vase. Placing the vase on a small circular mirror will add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom and best of all, it is super easy to create. 
The Rose and Calla Lily flowers are my idea of heaven, the bowl is perfectly shaped and would look gorgeous on a coffee table. Now this may seem bold and very extra but as soon as I find the right dining table, I would love to have a large rose centre piece. This particular set of roses and hydrangeas will add a pop of colour to your dining table, kitchen corner or on a simple console table. 
I have fallen in love with the design and for my house I already know I will keep my furniture very neutral and modern so adding pops of colour will be down to the flowers and coffee table books. What do you think of my interior choices? How would you arrange your flowers? I would love to know what flowers or plants you have in your house 

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