Thursday 12 April 2018

the guess snakeprint bag ♥

After taking a short break from blogging, I feel incredibly inspired and I am bursting with new ideas, ready to write down and share. I don't think I've properly photographed my Christmas presents from last year so it is pretty hard not to talk about my favourite handbag. We all know I love animal print, whether it is leopard or zebra - I have to have it in my wardrobe. I was squealing with excitement when I opened this particular Christmas present a few months ago, as soon as I saw the snake print design, I fell tumbling head over heels.
I love bold bags and to be more specific, I love big bags. I usually carry around a hefty make-up bag with me so this GUESS bag is my idea of heaven. Not only is the size perfect for me but the design and style of the bag is music to my ears...or eyes. If I am leaving the house with a bold, animal print bag then I usually keep my outfit pretty neutral. This bag is quite big and brazen so I don't like to wear anything that will clash with the snake print.
I decided to pair this black lace dress from Missguided with the bag because I love the girly, lace detailing of the dress and how it looks with the edgy vinyl style fabric from the bag, especially with the gold chain detailing. I really like mixing soft, neutral outfits with statement handbags. It definitely keeps the focus on the GUESS bag without channeling Kat Slater vibes.
I personally don't think I can pull off clashing fabrics so black is always my clothing saviour. The bag has a gold popper inside and quite a few compartments. I love that I can store my purse, phone and headphones inside without everything getting lost. If you want your bag to be extra organised, I purchased a bag organiser from Primark a few weeks ago. You can find a similar bag organiser here
If you want to wear this bag with a casual outfit, I love wearing it with leather trousers and black, over the knee boots. This bag really is great for everyday use and to keep it in good condition, I have kept the tissue paper. Keeping a bag in a secure shape when it is stored in your cupboard is a great tip for perfecting the maintenance and quality of your bag. My sister has always kept her two year old Mulberry stuffed with newspaper and it still looks brand new.
When it comes to packing and organising this bag, be extra careful with liquids. I learnt the hard way that foundations and handbags do not mix and although I love carrying around foundation for touch ups during the day, it could be risky if the foundation decides to leak. The interior fabric of the GUESS bag is a subtle nude shade so sadly, make-up will appear if anything leaks.
My best tip is to carry a make-up bag inside and wrap any liquids or loose make-up in a clear plastic bag. Now I also wanted to have a little photoshoot with this giant L'Oreal Professional Infinium hairspray. I am obsessed with this spray and now that I've started curling my hair with my GHD's, this hairspray is ideal for giving me strong, firm hold without that horrible crispy feeling. You can build up the strength of the hairspray and control exactly how soft or structured you would like your hairstyle.
I hope you enjoyed today's blog post, let me know if you are a snake print lover and if you have tried the L'Oreal hairspray. Do you have to have a big bag like me? If you would like to see more casual outfits with this bag, let me know. I also have a Mac laptop again so I will finally be editing new videos, including my day at L'Oreal and you can see my full hair transformation. ♥

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