Friday 29 June 2018

the white sequin dress ♥

White Sequin Dress - Pretty Little Thing 
Can you believe that Grease was released 40 years ago? Looking at my outfit for today's blog post, you would think that I've just wandered off the film set. This pink, 'Frenchie' style jacket is not my usual colour palette but I am loving the clash of sequins and bubble gum pink. Does it go together? Probably not but I love the idea of matching a casual jacket with a long, sequin dress. You may remember seeing this dress in my blog post for Pandora last year. Although I have been really trying to focus on my outfit photos this year, I am still very uncomfortable in front of a camera. Don't get me wrong, I have come a long way since my 2011 blog photos but I am very aware that I am not photogenic or model material. 
I love creating photos and putting outfits together for shoots but it can be a struggle to pick the right photos. It does take 50 to 100 snaps to get the right angle but I think that's why I love blogging. I love seeing real, everyday women posing in outfits. I'll admit that the Instagram side of blogging has made me feel slightly self conscious because I think I follow some of the most beautiful women in the world, not only with how they look but the incredible content they create. 
So before I start talking about this outfit, I wanted to be frank with you, as a reader. I love how open and raw the blogging community is and I feel like its okay to doubt yourself sometimes and writing is a great way to express myself. Lydia and I had a big day shooting in London at the end of May and this lovely, little white door was one of our first stops. I think I'm just struggling with the content I create and the type of content I want to create. I know I just need to practice with editing and photography and I shouldn't compare myself to everyone but for some reason, this week I've felt pretty 'meh' about my own content.
I'm going to spend sometime this weekend with my camera so fingers crossed I feel inspired! Back to this outfit, the dress is certainly giving me summer vibes. I was originally wearing a snake print jacket but I think this pink bomber jacket definitely fits better. I wore my classic sandal heels (of course) and this is one of my favourite evening dresses, whether you are going out for dinner in the evening or if you want something for your summer holiday. I love the bandeau style of the dress because the simple design is elevated by the use of the gold sequins. 
It gives the dress a totally different vibe and the subtle white netting over the sequins gives this dress extra dimension and texture. I think I could have bought a size smaller but a few tweaks with my mum's sowing machine will fix this. I would have suggested adding a belt around the waist but the subtle gold ribbon is ideal. I think it helps create an hourglass shape for the dress and best of all, it is so comfortable to wear. What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of sequins for the summer weather? 

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