Tuesday 19 June 2018

the zara striped dress ♥

Striped dress - Zara  |  Embellished heels - Custom made - Similar
I made a promise to myself that I would stop bulk buying clothes from my favourite stores, I am trying to save for a future house so I can't keep spending as freely as I would like. That being said, before I went to Paris I popped into Zara to grab a few essentials and I found this simple, classic bodycon dress. I have since been behaving when it comes to shopping but I think classic items can be styled in so many different ways and worn for many occasions, casual or smart. I was looking for a plain white dress to wear in Paris for my birthday because I wanted to wear my vinyl snake print jacket with it. 
I am not the greatest at mixing patterns when it comes to clothes so I like to play it safe and just wear plain colours, particularly in black, white or nude. When I arrived in the Zara store in Chelsea, I was slightly overwhelmed - I personally find the layout in Zara pretty hard to tackle and I could not find any basic white dresses. I suddenly spotted the Basic section and I found a few of these bodycon dresses hanging up. I have red, blue, black already and I tried on a nude shade in April. I had no idea they had a stripe version available too! 
I was slightly hesitant because the stripes are quite vivid in real life and I wasn't too sure whether this dress would match with my white and grey snake print jacket - I even tried to Facetime my mum in the middle of Zara to double check for her opinion. I decided to buy this dress just in case and when I arrived back home I was really surprised how well it matched my snake print jacket. I have certainly learnt that you shouldn't be afraid of stripes - especially when they are subtle like this particular Zara design. 
I loved wearing this dress around Paris and I couldn't wait to have a little photo session in Chelsea before the Chelsea In Bloom flower show ended. What I love about this dress is that it looks great with trainers - I know, it is very rare when I mention trainers on my blog but I am loving wearing white converse at the moment, it feels lovely wearing comfortable shoes for once and it was essential when I was exploring Paris! If you are looking for a classic wardrobe staple, look no further  - this Zara dress will be very popular in your wardrobe.What do you think of this dress? Are you a fan of subtle stripe patterns? ♥

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  1. It can be hard to cut back on shopping but that dress was totally worth it! This looks great on you.


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