Thursday 1 November 2018

boston guide - the langham hotel ♥

Where do I begin? My 3 day trip to Boston has opened my eyes to a completely different side of America. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with America all over again after I visited New York last year but Boston has opened my eyes to a very unique part to the USA and I can't wait to share my tips and thoughts on my visit. I wanted to start my Boston review with The Langham Hotel, a luxury five star hotel situated in the financial district.
It is time to grab your nachos and coconut water because this will be a pretty long read. So get comfortable and prepare for some mouthwatering food photos and beautiful interior shots. After a 7 hour flight and a pretty long queue in the airport, it was safe to say my first impression of Boston was hazy. Minus the long queues at Boston airport, I jumped in a 20 minute cab ride straight to The Langham hotel. Ollie had been on a work trip for the past week so he was able to meet me outside the hotel.
Before I had time to unclip my seat belt, The Langham doorman whisked my door open and welcomed me to the hotel, he brought my bag and suitcase to the front of the hotel and Ollie arrived right on queue to take them. It was a lovely way to arrive after a long 7 hour flight! The outside of The Langham Hotel reminds me of a classic Hollywood film, the vibrant shades of red and the nod to classic architecture, the building is a marvelous sight and it is also a National Architectural Landmark.
I was left speechless when  I stepped inside the lobby area. The glossy white floor and ceilings were mesmerising and the floral decorations around the piano area just added that extra touch of glamour to the interior. The diamond chandeliers in the lobby were carefully placed above the desks and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Every inch of the lobby has been carefully placed and styled to perfection. This is honestly them most beautiful hotel I have ever stepped into. Ollie and I took the suitcases up to our hotel room, Ollie had already been staying here for the past few days so I didn't need to check in. 
I opened the hotel door and I couldn't believe how big the room was. The interior theme hit me instantly, it is incredibly grand and luxurious and the statement armchairs give the room a real 1950's vibe. The subtle gold striped wallpaper is a charming touch and I began to explore the bathroom and room features - including a large coffee/tea machine on the chest of drawers. Although the colour scheme was predominantly gold, the Langham branding is a soft, baby pink shade. From pens, to personalised Langham chocolate squares, every little detail has been thought of and I love that the Langham have mixed classical gold architecture with modern day sparkle.
I am certainly not used to a king size bed so it was pretty fun to order room service and eat our body weight in ice cream while watching Halloween films all night. Even after a long flight, I felt really comfortable and relaxed in our hotel room. There were booklets full of information about the hotel and the room service menu was very impressive. The bathroom was a moderate size and I was pretty happy with the full length mirrors in the bathroom. From big comfy dressing gowns to slippers, everything is provided for you in the hotel room and the hotel staff are incredibly accommodating if you need anything. 
I will be including a separate blog post about restaurants and things to do in Boston but if you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your stay, The Langham Hotel is a perfect location. Not only were the staff friendly and helpful but the interior is just stunning. I felt very comfortable in the hotel and this was before I even found the hotel spa! Also, if you are obsessed with posting on Instagram when you are in hotels (honestly, I couldn't stop taking photos) then you will be pleased to know that the Wifi is pretty great.
Not only is the interior and staff a dream but the actual location of the hotel is very central if you want to explore Boston. We began our first day at the hotel by visiting Café Fleuri for breakfast downstairs. Not only is the atmosphere refreshing and relaxing but the breakfast is a dream. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Maine Crab and it is just divine. The food and Boston dining needs another dedicated blog post but the food at The Langham is out of this world plus I get so excited ordering room service, what can I say? I'm easily pleased. You can see the Café Fleuri menu here.
It is located in the Financial Distrcit and everything is walking distance but we did hop in a cab to Newbury Street. Overall, I can't praise the staff at The Langham Hotel enough, the food was divine and the interior has blown my mind. This is officially my favourite hotel and I know that is a bold statement to make but I had such a lovely stay. From the food to the jacuzzi, the hotel is a holiday trip just by stepping inside. If you want to make a reservation, you can find the details here. Have you visited Boston before? Keep your eyes peeled for my detailed review on exploring the city. ♥


  1. It looks like an amazing place to stay! I have always wanted to go to Boston. One day!

    1. It was incredible! The staff were lovely too :) x

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