Friday 14 December 2018

food time - the ritz breakfast ♥

For the past four years, Ollie and I have shared a very particular Christmas tradition. We find a special restaurant in London for breakfast and we then have a Christmas shopping session at our favourite designer stores. Last year we visited Dean Street Townhouse and this year we decided to have breakfast at The Ritz. Yes, I can't believe I am finally writing a review about The Ritz. I have been dying to visit The Ritz for as long as I can remember and I was so excited that we managed to book a table. 
We arrived bright and early at 9:30am and we were guided inside the lobby area. The building is located 1 minute away from Green Park station so it is perfect to get to, especially if you are wearing uncomfortable heels like I did. I didn't know what to expect when I walked inside, it felt like a royal palace and it is quite hard to describe how glamorous the interior is. Every section is decorated to perfection and as always, I had to do my history homework before I visited. The Ritz was created in 1906 by César Ritz and the rich and famous have been visiting ever since.
As we made our way towards the breakfast area, the long hallway left me speechless. Every single inch was decorated with gold and luxury fabrics. You can see why the Queen is a fan. The building is certainly fit for a princess and a queen. We were seated near the centre of the room and we were able to see a perfect view of the different feature walls. I didn't know where to look. The waiters kindly handed us the breakfast menus and I was instantly drawn to the Eggs Benedict. My first and only choice when it comes to a breakfast menu. 
Now £40 may sound slightly pricey for breakfast but I personally think you would spend more on a dinner or a large lunch and seeing as we were only in London for the morning, it made the £40 breakfast justified. To be honest, I don't think I gave The Ritz enough credit - I just assumed I would have one poached egg on an English muffin and charged £40 plus service charge but the portion size was incredibly generous and you were also treated to an unlimited continental buffet breakfast.
Layers of smoked salmon and fresh cheeses were displayed at the end of a large table and at the opposite end, fine pasteries and cereals were perfectly positioned. If you area breakfast lover, you will be on cloud nine. I grabbed a few pastieres and fresh fruit and Ollie of course tried the cheese selection. This buffet is unlimited and you can enjoy a variety of savory and sweet treats while ordering a main breakfast meal from the menu. 
Outfit wise, I had no idea what to wear. I decided to find my olive green midi dress from h&m and grab a pair of patent black stilettos from Zara. My faux fur coat from Zara finished the look and I felt pretty dressed up without feeling too over the top. I decided to keep my leopard print outfits and plunging necklines in my wardrobe on this occasion. I managed to pack a sneaky pair of flat pumps in my bag so I could change into flats once we were ready for shopping, I couldn't manage another minute in my Zara heels.
Ollie decided to order the Classic Breakfast which included two eggs (cooked to your preference), served with back bacon, Cumberland sausage, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes. He described it a very filling and cooked exactly how he liked it. I even forced myself to eat a tomato - I'm not the biggest fan. I was incredibly full from my breakfast and the hollandaise sauce was indescribable, I have been dreaming about Eggs Benedict every since. The asparagus was a nice twist on the traditional dish and I absolutely loved the beautiful cutlery and serving plates.
Would I come back again? Oh, absolutely. This is the first time where I've been more impressed by the interior than the actual food menu. Usually I love reading every single item on the menu but I couldn't stop looking around the room at every interior detail. From sculptures to lighting, I fell in love instantly and I can't wait to visit again, maybe not for dinner but certainly for breakfast or afternoon tea. The £90 Beef Wellington may be slightly too pricey for me but I'm all for treating yourself when it comes to food. Have you visited The Ritz before? Let me know what you would pick from the breakfast menu ♥


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