Monday 25 March 2019

the baby diary #03 ♥

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Well I am officially 23 weeks pregnant today. We found out that we were having a girl a few weeks ago and honestly, I am over the moon. I think will be calling her Sofia and to be honest, it still feels very surreal. I am almost 6 months pregnant and July is just around the corner. So to give you all quick update, we are heading to Alicante this week for some much needed sunshine and I usually have a pretty good routine when it comes to packing my suitcase but now a baby bump is on board, I need to find some looser outfits that won't be too hot in the sun. 
I had a recent baby scan and the bump is doing great, she is completely healthy and this just makes me feel so relieved. I am so excited but I feel like I need to do more research, I know I have a few months to go though. Ollie and I recently visited Next to buy a few more outfits, the baby clothes are incredible, I definitely recommend the new leopard print range! Shopping wise, we still need to look at baby monitors and a changing table but other than that, I think we are almost done! I just need to ring the Egg company to arrange a delivery date for the buggy then voila, we are slowly ticking off our shopping list. I'm looking forward to taking some holiday bump photos in Spain! ♥

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