Wednesday 22 May 2019

the snake print jacket ♥

After devouring my body weight in Easter eggs over the bank holiday weekend, I was finally able to edit these photos. I am enjoying maternity leave but I don't have as much energy as I would like to. It can be a bit of a struggle to turn my laptop on and get through my emails and blog posts and I am very happy that I have managed to post a new Youtube video and start writing this post today. This outfit is officially my new favourite. I had to rummage through my wardrobes to find something to match my Pretty Little Thing vinyl jacket and I am really loving the final outcome.
Since taking these photos my bump is now in full swing, I am almost 32 weeks pregnant and I don't know whether I would be able to fit back into this outfit. It is getting harder and harder to find flattering clothes that are suitable for maternity wear. I have purchased a few items from Boohoo but I didn't want to go crazy, especially when I only have a few months left of being pregnant. So for today's blog post I wanted this to be a chatty catch up ramble while also talking about this outfit. I am currently at my mum's house typing this on my Mac.
The kitchen is being painted right now and everything is slowly coming together before the baby arrives. I have taken quite a few before photos of the flat so it will be nice to see how everything looks when the final touches are complete. We just need to change the doors in the flat and then finally put the nursery together. I will be planning more interior content for Youtube but as always, Fairytale Kiss will also cover the photo side. Plus I still feel much more comfortable typing than talking in front of a camera.
I have worn this jacket quite a few times and luckily I don't have a problem with coats or jackets now that I'm pregnant, they can still easily slide on but I just can't zip them up. Good thing I never did in the first place, right? Pretty Little Thing is one of my favourite places to find faux leather or vinyl outfits. The cost is pretty reasonable and there is always a discount code lurking around the corner. The grey and white vinyl snake print jacket is still available and it is actually in the sale for £20.00. Sadly the trousers did not suit me but a matching set would have been amazing, they also have the jacket in a trench coat design if you prefer a warmer version.
The white strap top is from Boohoo, this is from a lovely white co-ord set that I sadly don't fit into at the moment but luckily, the strap top is still wearable. I may have to put the matching trousers away for now but I really love this crop top. It is simple to wear and I think it is the perfect length for the grey midi skirt. I had actually bought the grey midi skirt as part of a set from Pretty Little Thing, you may recognise the other skirt in this blog post from March. Whether you are pregnant or not, I can't recommend tube skirts enough. They are incredibly comfortable and this particular fabric is very stretchy for my bump.
Hair wise, we all know I never style my hair unless I grab my GHD's but this hairstyle is quite easy to do and it gets easier with practice. So there we have it, a pretty casual but comfortable outfit that can be dressed up with heels or casual with sandals or trainers and best of all, this is a pregnancy friendly outfit. I will certainly be packing this outfit for my hotel trip tomorrow with Ollie, it is my birthday on Friday so we are going away for a few days. I will be taking my Canon G7X with me to film the trip. Let me know if there are any other particular outfits you would like to see me style 

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  1. Sometimes finding the energy to get stuff done can be super difficult. On the plus side, you look gorgeous and this outfit is beyond fabulous!


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