Wednesday 20 November 2019

my relaxing bath routine ♥

I can’t believe it, I am finally writing a blog post that hasn’t taken me 100 years to publish. I am not the most organised cookie and add a five month old baby to the mix and I am even more flustered, but I am gradually learning how to balance things and now that Sofia is sleeping all through the night, I am feeling super refreshed and regenerated. I spent the morning sterilising bottles for Sofia, doing the washing and tidying the flat and now I am currently writing this blog post in a beautiful, hot bubble bath. 
Ollie is looking after Sofia in the living room so I have taken full advantage to run a bath and light some candles. This actually inspired today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about how I run a bath and how I de-stress when I feel a bit frazzled. I appreciate a hot bath even more now that I’ve had Sofia and I think it is really healthy for your mind and body to relax with whatever way suits you best. I happen to love a hot, hot bath with a cosy book and a warm drink waiting for me or sometimes an ice cold smoothie. 

I also wanted to talk about the classic products that I use during and after my bath. First of all, I need candles - I can be quite particular with my candles and I like them all white or cream coloured. I like to make my bath tub look as pretty as I can without reaching for the rose petals - one day I’ll try them, one day. I’ve been burning the Poundland Basil and Lime Jo Malone dupe and it is perfect if you don’t want to use your Jo Malone candles too quickly. £2.00 for a giant candle is always a plus in my book and I am really impressed with the strong scent.

Now that the candles are lit, I begin filling up the bath and I add a Being by Sanctuary Cloudberry & Lychee Bon Bath Bomb*, I’ve mentioned these babies quite a few times but trust me when I say, the scent is just out of this world. After I take the wrapper off and pop the bath bomb in, I then grab my current book and a hot cup of tea. I've been trying to finish You by Caroline Kepnes this month. Drink wise, Lydia bought me this fabulous leopard print cup and saucer from the H&M home range for my birthday and it certainly matches my fashion sense. 
Once I’m ready to step into the bath, I make sure my hair is tied up and out of my face and I have a small mirror handy. I love to apply a face mask while I’m in the bath because I love that cliche image of pure relaxation - I am certainly relaxed at this point. I try and put my phone down while reading and I just forget about my to do list outside of the bathroom. It can be very hard to switch off but a hot bath works for me every time. I then start to apply the Being by Sanctuary Spa Cloudberry & Lychee Body Scrub* to my arms and legs and it just leaves your skin feeling fresh and new, I also apply it to my thighs where I tend to have the most cellulite.
Finally, I remove the face mask with a warm face cloth and I am ready to step out of the bath. I like to use the Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle* - I can be really naughty at moisturising but you can apply the Moisture Miracle directly to wet skin so it means the results are instant and you don't need to wait and dry your body. It smells incredible and it doesn't feel sticky, I'm really impressed how well it sinks into my skin and I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and I never regret taking the extra time to repeat this routine. How do you relax in the bath? Are you a fan of bath bombs? Let me know what your favourite bath ritual is 

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