Tuesday 4 February 2020

eylure enchanted collection ♥️

I am feeling incredibly lucky that Eylure have sent me the limited edition Enchanted collection*. It is a very rare occasion if I'm not wearing false lashes and Eylure are my brand of choice. I have been using Eylure lashes since I was sixteen and I have yet to find a brand that I love using time and time again. Quite a few of my friends have never even used false lashes before but on the rare occasion they have, whether it is an engagement party of birthday meal, they can instantly see how lashes can transform your eye make-up. 
If my friends or sister ask me about lashes, I always point them to the Eylure range, the Naturals collection. They are incredibly easy to apply and best of all, they is style to suit any occasion. If you are looking for something slightly more bold, without being too overpowering, the Enchanted collection is now my first answer. Now I know I'm jumping the gun slightly but I was excited to open my blogger mail and see the three different styles. The three styles include Written in the Stars, Stargazer and Stars in their Eyes. 
My favourite style between the three is Stargazer, it provides a flattering lash length without too much thickness. My eyes don't really suit heavy, thick lashes so a fluttery lash design is perfect for me. All Eylure lashes include lash glue and I have never had any problems with the formula, my lashes stay secure for hours and if you carefully remove the glue after you take off your lashes, you can easily get up to six to seven wears from the lashes. I have a little section in my jewellery box where I keep my lashes - it always helps otherwise I end up losing them. 
The Stargazer lashes are incredibly pretty and the length adds a touch of glamour to my overall make-up look. After the lash glue became tacky, I applied my liquid liner to seal my own lashes to the Eylure lash strip and voila, instant flutter effect. Now the Enchanted lashes are sold separately or you can find all three styles sold in one pack. What do you think of the Enchanted collection? Are you a fan of 'fluttery' style lashes or do you prefer thick, intense volume? Let me know what style you would pick out of the three ♥️

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