Sunday 10 May 2020

femme luxe series #15 ♥

I hope everyone is having a lovely finish to the bank holiday, we are still in lockdown in the UK right now but let's pretend this is a regular bank holiday break. I am back with a brand new Femme Luxe* blog post and this week I am loving the PU trend - surprise, surprise. For my first outfit, I decided to wear a very bold, pink vinyl dress. Bubblegum pink is usually not in my wardrobe but I just love how edgy and unique this dress is. If you wanted to tone this dress down, an oversized, white blazer would be ideal for the summer season.
We all know I love a ruched bandeau dress, I have this particular dress in quite a few colours but I can’t believe I have never worn a nude shade before. It can be really tricky finding neutral clothes because they can wash you out if you pick the wrong shade. I am wearing a dash of tan in these photos so it does help warm up my skin tone and it helps my complexion when I'm wearing a nude dress. The midi length of this dress is perfect for me and I personally love this slinky fabric, it just reminds me of the 00’s. Next, we have a very unique black crop top, the deep scoop neck and the butterfly style fastening is definitely not for everyday wear.   

If you want to make this top more casual, jeans are a perfect choice. I decided to slick my hair back and grab a pair of sunglasses and I just love how sleek this look is. Super easy to wear and you can dress this corset top any way you like, with jeans or even matching PU leggings. This week I have certainly been trying out bold dresses even though I have been wearing loungewear 99% of the time. With lockdown still in full force, I am looking forward to dressing up for cocktails again. What do you think of my outfit picks this week? Are you a fan of the vinyl trend or do you prefer a casual midi dress? Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post ♥

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