Thursday 2 July 2020

the diary #03 ♥

I am finally posting a new Diary entry and today I wanted to have a catch-up. Now that the markets are finally open again, I was able to grab some satin fabric to shoot new blog photos. I picked three different satin fabrics, including dark green, gold, and brown shades. I just love using satin fabric for my flat lay photos because I really struggle shooting nice product photos when I'm reviewing products. Blog photos aside, I finally managed to pop into Primark and grab Sofia new baby clothes, everything I had in her nursery was definitely getting too small for her and Primark have such a great range of socks and baby grows. 
Ollie and I visited the Ashford outlet stores last weekend and I was pretty impressed with how quiet it was, luckily for me the only queue was at Nike and we know I don't visit Nike very often. I picked up a lace bra set for £12.00 in Marks and Spencers because they had a very big 50% off discount running on the lingerie section. The weather was beautiful so I was able to wear my sunglasses and drink a much needed Starbucks. Ollie picked up a few polo shirts from Reiss and we had to head back to pick up Sofia. I was able to catch a few rays in my mum's back garden so I don't look like Edward Cullen anymore.
I managed to take a few Femme Luxe outfit photos this week and I felt incredibly cosy in this jumper dress*, this is how quickly the weather can change in England. Besides from picking up a new canvas for the bedroom, I have been trying to declutter my wardrobe. It can be quite tricky now that Sofia is crawling at 30 mph, she is certainly keeping me on my toes. We have been starting our mornings with breakfast and watching Thumbelina and Cinderella, I think I'm enjoying our film sessions a bit more than Sofia is right now. My plan for this evening is to catch up on some reading and grab my skincare essentials, I am obsessed with a new routine which I'll write about this week. What are your plans for this week? I hope you are all staying safe ♥

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  1. All of these pictures are beautiful! I'm glad the outlets were quiet when you visited. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    the creation of beauty is art.


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