Wednesday 23 September 2020

the diary #05 ♥

Today’s outfit is certainly a nod to the 90’s, I feel like an extra on the set of Charmed. I’ve been meaning to snap and pair this outfit together for quite a while now and I love how bold it is. The PU wine red corset is from Femme Luxe, which I was kindly sent and the trousers are from Zara. I’m finally back in the swing of taking blog photos again and I managed to snap five different outfits this week and I’ve also shot some product photos. I wanted to write a new Diary post today because it has been a while since I sat down on my laptop and rambled. Sofia is officially 15 months old now and time is just whizzing past, we actually took her to Legoland on Sunday morning and I’ve really enjoyed getting back to normality with our weekend trips. 

A few weeks ago we visited Godstone Farm for the first time and Sofia loved seeing the animals. Although with the latest Coronavirus restrictions looming, I will be avoiding big trips until it is safer. Six months later and it feels like a new lockdown is looming around the corner. I'm keeping positive though that this will end soon. Last night I popped to IKEA because my sister is moving into a new flat with her boyfriend, I am so excited for them and the fact that they have a pantry is certainly a plus - Rebekah has already filled it with peanut M&M's and Diet Cokes, the finer things in life. To be honest, I've found this year pretty tough with lockdown and being alone with Sofia, while Ollie was at work, it got pretty lonely and I didn't feel that confident with a newborn baby by myself.

Fast forward six months and I am feeling really proud of what I've learnt as a mum and I love watching Sofia explore and learn new things. Seeing Rebekah decorate her first home is certainly a highlight for 2020, finally some happy news. This weekend I am heading into London for Natalie's birthday, we have dinner booked at Dishoom, is there anything better than a curry? I'll be sure to take outfit photos, I will probably wear my new leather blazer from Zara with some leather leggings. I've actually hurt my ankle so fingers crossed I'll be able to walk in some heels on Saturday. Let me know what your plans are for this weekend? I hope everyone is staying safe and having a lovely start to the autumn season ♥


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! Totally 90s inspired and I could fully see you being on the Charmed set. Ha! I love that so much! I know what you mean about another lockdown seeming to be right around the corner. I am struggling with that reality as well but some days are better than others <3
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