Tuesday 6 October 2020

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PU Joggers - Katch Me* | Gifted    
If this year has taught us anything, it would be to appreciate the people in our lives. The daily routines that we used to find tedious are now fonder memories and I feel like most of the people around me are having to rebuild their routines. My friends are incredibly tired of working in their living room area and they are desperately craving the hustle and bustle of the busy London commute. Yes, lockdown may be over but the majority of my friends are still having to work from home. We visited Dishoom last weekend in Carnaby Street and what a difference the atmosphere has become. 
After a few espresso martinis we would usually be heading towards a dance floor but with the new regulations, you have to be remained seated in any bar or restaurant. I understand that the rules are designed to save lives and to prevent the virus from spreading, I think I’m still in shock that October has arrived and things seem to be slipping towards another lockdown. I’m hoping that when the summer season arrives, I can finally take Sofia to a beach. Lockdown has certainly made me appreciate the little things, and I am even more obsessed with capturing memories, especially with how quickly time is going.
Ollie and I are heading to the Natural History Museum this weekend and it will be another ‘first’ for Sofia to experience. I’m actually really excited to get back to normality and I have missed visiting the cinema or museums. We watched The Silence of the Lambs at the cinema over the weekend and I can't explain how much I love to watch films from the 90's on a big screen. Aside from visiting the cinema, I’ve also been feeling more inspired and less anxious which means my blog post ideas have been growing. I popped round Rebekah’s new place and took some outfit photos, her interior is just perfect.
I have been lucky enough to have Katch Me send over a pair of PU jogging bottoms, we all know I am obsessed with the PU trendThey are incredibly comfy and so easy to style, I thought they would look great with a bra for this mini photo session and I had so much fun creating this set up. We all know I love a posed background, especially with a tea cup prop. If I was going to style the PU joggers, I would grab a pair of strappy heels and a nude bodysuit or if I wanted to make it more causal, a black bodysuit, trainers and a big faux fur coat. For this photoshoot I wanted to keep it pretty basic and comfortable.
I think I've been spending too much time on Pinterest because a newspaper and cup of tea seemed like a great photo prop. Are you a fan of the PU trend? Who knew PU joggers would be so comfortable to wear, I actually ordered a size up and it certainly makes all the difference. I also grabbed a Mark's and Spencer bra to add a bit of a twist to this outfit. To be honest, it felt really good to get the camera out again and blogging has certainly been a big part of my life for the past 10 years, even if I haven't been able to post as often as I would like, I have always found comfort in creating content for Fairytale Kiss. 
I think our hobbies are a great way to take our mind off the worrying news headlines and I love feeling creative and productive. I've finally ordered a tool to attach to my tripod so hopefully I will be able to take photos in the portrait position without asking Ollie or Rebekah to take the photos for me. I actually took this outfit photo by balancing the camera on a radiator - very glamorous. Let me know how you would style the PU joggers, keep your eyes peeled for my next Katch Me post. I was lucky enough to order a tiger print cropped jacket and a vinyl set - yes, the vinyl set may be featured in a Halloween post I'm working on. We all know how much I love the Halloween season. 

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous posing in that very pretty embroidered black bra and black high shine vinyl joggers from Katch Me!!!!!!
    Your eye-makeup, lipstick and hair all look perfect and beautiful.
    Your outfit photos are amazing, especially having your camera on a radiator!!!
    The tool for your tripod sounds like a great idea.
    When Halloween gets here (yikes it's approaching fast) it might be difficult for me to not imagine of you as Pru Halliwell (only prettier) on 'All Halliwell's Eve' (Charmed Season 3 Episode 4).
    I'll be looking forward to reading and seeing what you post for Halloween! :D

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