Thursday 4 February 2021

katch me - zoom date outfits ♥️

Stop the press. I have actually planned and prepped three outfits that are pretty perfect for your next date. Well, Zoom date because technically we are still in a pandemic and in a lockdown while I am currently typing this. I am really excited because I’ve partnered up with Katch Me* to find three outfits that you could wear on your next Zoom date and of course I picked three faux leather items. I know most of us have reached the point where our jumper and comfy jogging bottoms are our saving grace and comfort blanket, especially as we’re stuck indoors for 99% of the time, but if you fancy dressing up like me, you will definitely want to keep on reading. 
I love overdressing for any occasion and even though you’re only on a computer screen, I am still grabbing my heels and false lashes - even if my Zoom date won’t see past my waist, but hey, I think it gives you an extra confidence boost and you can always slyly swap your heels for your favourite slippers. For my first outfit, I picked a matching Brown Faux Leather Snake Print Co-Ord set, the boob tube and trousers are just bold and edgy and most of all, fun. I love wearing over the top animal prints and I get serious Coyote Ugly vibes from this set. If you wanted to make this outfit less eye popping, I would wear a black t-shirt with the trousers and I would wear high waisted leggings with the boob tube. 
This actually brings us to my next outfit choice, I picked a pair of Black Faux Leather Croc Trousers  and if you want one staple item in your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with a pair of faux leather trousers. I ordered a size S/M which is an 8/10 and they fit me like a glove. They are incredibly flattering and they would look perfect with any type of heel. I grabbed a pair of nude stilettos and a floaty, brown strap top to add a little glam but these trousers really do all the hard work for you. I love how easy they are to wear and if you don't feel like wearing a dress or skirt for your Zoom date, you will still feel dressy in faux leather croc print. 
Last but certainly not least, I picked a Brown Faux Leather Side Slit Midi Skirt, the fit is incredible and it has been such a long time since I found a midi skirt that fitted my waist and legs without being baggy or too tight. I love the high split on the side and the colour is perfection, I have fallen in love with this outfit. I decided to grab a nude bodysuit and I wanted to keep the colour palette neutral, we all know I am not a fan of noisy prints or too many colours so this outfit is one of my new favourites. For me, the faux leather trend will always be my favourite, I love the 90's vibe and I think it adds extra edge to any outfit, especially if you have a date right around the corner. 
I know with lockdown it has been pretty hard to mingle and meet new people but I love the idea of wearing a new outfit for a Zoom date. So grab your favourite cocktail or glass of wine and don't forget to have fun. I think dressing up over the lockdown period has kept me sane and I can't wait until I can wear these outfits in London with loud music (preferably Justin Bieber), and a cocktail in my hand. What outfit would you wear from my Zoom date picks? Are you a fan of the faux leather trend? Keep your eyes peeled for my next Katch Me post! I would love to know what event or style you would like me to style next ♥️

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