Friday 30 July 2021

the navy lace identity lingerie set ♥

When the pandemic first began and just after I had Sofia, I will admit that I felt a bit lost. As a first time mum, I found it really hard to adjust without my family around me and isolating inside really began to take its toll. I didn't realise this at the time but looking back, I don't think I handled the isolation as well as I thought I did. I remember the first thing I bought to make myself feel a little bit better and like my old self - a beautiful lingerie set. There is something about a matching lingerie set that just gives me the 'wow' factor. I used to love watching the typical walk in wardrobe scenes in films and see the matching bra and knickers perfectly paired and neatly folded in the drawers.
I have come to realise that lingerie shopping is definitely my favourite type of pick me up when I'm having a bad day. Before I had a big clear out in my wardrobe, I had quite a few mismatched pairs of underwear and bras but now I have been making a conscious effort to only have matching sets. I guess this is my version of feeling organised before I start my day, I love wear a matching set underneath my clothes. So you can imagine how excited I was when IDentity Lingerie* contacted me to try on a navy lingerie set and satin silk dressing gown from their collection. Created in 2017, IDentity Lingerie are a family run based business that pride themselves in creating beautifully designed lingerie. Each piece is handmade and the highest quality fabrics are used. 
I was so excited to try on this navy lace set because the lace detailing is simply stunning, not only does the set look and feel delicate and soft but it provides amazing support without feeling too harsh like some of the bra's I have worn in the past. I am certainly not a lingerie model by any means, but I felt really comfortable and happy to shoot these photos and I am still so thrilled that IDentity Lingerie were kind enough to send over the pieces for me to wear. The lingerie sizes are available from XS to XXL but they can also design your lingerie using customised measurements and I just love that the range is suitable for all body types. I was also excited to wear the Sexy Black Satin & Lace Short Dressing Gown, I absolutely love getting ready for a night out wearing a little satin gown.
This particular dressing gown is giving me serious 1950's pin up girl vibes and it feels so soft on my skin. I've been grabbing this gown when I'm about to do my skin care before I get into bed and it feels so lightweight. I love the lace detailing on the arms and bottom, it just adds that extra touch of quality and glamour. Not only is it ideal for wearing around the house but it would look perfect for a bridesmaid to wear. What do you think of the IDentity Lingerie collection? I would love to know what pieces you have added to your wish list. Let me know what you treat yourself to for some TLC and self-care ♥


  1. I am loving the appearance of the Identity Lingerie collection!!!
    The colour, inset lace, ornamentation and appearance of the fabrics look beautiful,
    and the sexy black satin+lace short dressing gown looks like it must feel delightful to wear.

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