Wednesday 16 August 2017

food time - pizza express ♥

When it comes to writing my Food Time series, I thought it would be nice to talk about Pizza Express. I have been eating at Pizza Express for years (who hasn't!) so I was particularly eager to write this review after trying the new summer menu. I have been three times over the past few weeks and I have been ordering the new Pollo Milanese constantly. I visited the Pizza Express on Kings Road on Monday and honestly, I felt so relaxed after my visit. I had my own private table and I was able to catch up on my blog emails and sit in sunshine. I don't like to visit restaurants just for the food, I love the overall experience of eating out and if you can't cook, like myself, visiting a restaurant is always a slice of heaven and relief. 

I usually order the La Reine pizza but after seeing the new summer menu, the Pollo Milanese really stood out to me. The dish includes warm, breaded chicken breast with roasted tomatoes, shaved Gran Milano cheese and a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil and a small dish of pesto and a lemon wedge. Not only is this dish filling but it is bursting with flavour, I love that it doesn't sit too heavy on your stomach afterwards but you still feel full. The combination of pesto and the Gran Milano cheese is such a clever idea because it combines a rich pasta taste without needing any pasta. This is a lighter option than my regular pizza choice and I love that the menu uses whole chicken breast. For my starter, I had to have my classic dough ball option - I can't visit a Pizza Express without ordering dough balls. 
For dessert, the Chocolate Fudge Cake was my dream pick, I actually asked the waiter to change the vanilla ice cream for chocolate and this certainly cured my chocolate craving. For the new summer menu, the Cod Crocchette, a creamy smoked cod and mozzarella dish, takes the crown as the main summer starter. For the main menu, the summer specials include Zapparoli, a sausage, chicken and Gran Milano cheese pizza and the second summer main includes Seafood Rigatoni, a fine selection of salmon, pollock and king prawns mixed with rigatoni pasta. Last but certainly not least is the dessert menu. The summer feast options include Coconut Delight, a coconut sorbet ice cream or the Summer Tiramisu. I have yet to try the complete menu but I am certainly adding them to my list! What do you think of the Pizza Express summer menu? ♥

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