Tuesday 10 April 2018

eylure - the emma willis collection ♥

Eylure Emma Willis Collection - Boots*
Over the years, I have learnt the hard way what lashes work for me and what lashes don’t. I think most of us wish we could go back to our teenage years or early twenties and explain our beauty secrets, I know I certainly do. Yes, if you flick through my old photos you will see quite a few make-up nightmares, from unblended purple eyeshadow to poorly applied bright pink lipstick. One of my biggest make-up crimes does include my addiction to false lashes. I was obsessed with false lashes as a teenager but I automatically grabbed the thickest and heaviest style I could find. 
Although this isn’t a big crime, for my particular eye shape, it is a big no-no. I have learnt the hard way that subtle lashes are more flattering with my eye shape. I am not blessed with big eyes so heavy, thick lashes can really make them look small and snake like. If you have a similar lash style like me, the Eylure Emma Willis range will be perfect and if you do love heavier lashes for a night out, the Emma Willis range could also be a great alternative for a softer daytime look.
Emma's range is designed for women like herself, a busy mum on the go and she actually named the three lash styles after her three children, a very cute and personal touch. The range includes All The Aces, Insta-Belle and Trix-A-Lashious. All The Aces has a very light, feather lash style. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, this pack is ideal, I think the outer corner lashes pay homage to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. She was a big fan of wearing lashes on her outer corner and its a great beauty trick for creating extra flutter. 
The one thing you cannot fault about the Eylure range is the quality, the Emma Willis collection is no different. After wearing the Insta-Belle lashes last week, I carefully removed them after a day of London shopping and they are still in great condition. You can get a lot of wear from this range because the lash design is very simple. I would certainly recommend this range if you are new to wearing lashes or if you hate wearing heavy make-up. My mum will certainly be adding this range to her shopping list because of how easy they are to apply. The lashes are priced at £6.95 each but Boots are currently running a 25% offer on selected Eylure packs. What do you think of the Eylure range? I would love to know what your favourite pack is! ♥ 

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