Monday 16 April 2018

#tiptalk - quality over quantity ♥

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A few months ago I had a severe case of writers block. I was struggling to create content that I was passionate about and my inspiration and creativity seemed to vanish in a puff of smoke. I am very fortunate that I have the time to blog everyday and this means I can edit my blog photos, plan my schedule and review products or outfits. For some reason my flow completely dried up and I was finding it very difficult to write something down.
I have heard the saying 'quality over quantity' again and again but I would never apply this to myself. I assumed that because I have the time to create a blog post everyday that I didn't have a reason for not creating high quality posts every single day. Over the past month of not posting consistently, the slight break has given me a fresh, new perspective on why your creative flow is based on your mind set. I think I was pushing myself to hard and putting too much pressure on myself to post something everyday. I have very limited time at the weekends so I can't always take bulk photos and even when I did have the time, I just wasn't happy with the flat lays I was creating or the outfits I was putting together.
I have been feeling guilty and down about my blog because I didn't understand why I couldn't create constant high quality content. I think comparing yourself to others is a pretty silly thing to do, especially when big bloggers are lucky enough to have professional photographers and the opportunities to explore different locations for photo shoots. I am not saying that you need a professional photographer to become a successful blogger but I have been finding it quite tricky to take photos by myself. 
This is another factor I have come to realise, I have only just started to invest and focus on my blog, I have new cameras and I have started a Youtube channel and I still don't know how everything works yet. What I am trying to say is there is no rush to get something perfect, creating a blog you are proud of takes time and hard work and if you need a few weeks off to relax and recharge your batteries, there is nothing wrong with this. After my mini break, I am feeling incredibly refreshed and excited to see what new content I can create.
My only competition is me and after looking at my old blog posts from a year to two years ago, my writing is improving and my photo quality is increasing. There is certainly no need to beat yourself up if you can't seem to write a blog post, remember that you are writing your blog because you are passionate about it and you are also in control of what you want to talk about. I first started this blog for my university course, almost 8 years ago and I fell in love with having my own little corner of the internet. This hasn't changed and I am excited to see Fairytale Kiss grow. Switching off your social media and taking a step back from your laptop is a great way to recharge your batteries. What tips do you have for beating your writers block? Have you taken a mini break before? 

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