Friday 4 May 2018

the skinny bakery ♥

Since the Christmas period I have fallen into a beautiful food coma and I keep meaning to jump on the healthy train. Weeks have turned into months and now we are in May. It seems like 5 months has whizzed past and I am still spending my weekends with Deliveroo on my iPhone screen. Don't get me wrong, this blog post is not about food shaming, I am a big lover of rice, nachos, pizza...the list goes on but personally, I do think I need to find some balance. Last year I was a fitness bunny, I enjoyed going to the gym three to four times a week and I probably ate junk food once or twice I week.
I was in a completely different mindset and I was more focused on my fitness and toning up my figure, but fast forward a year and all I can think about is cocktails and enjoy platters of food in the sunshine. With summer peeping its head around the corner I think now is the time to maybe switch a few things around - starting with my snacking. With my stomach, I bloat as soon as I smell carbs so it is a constant battle for me. I don't want to completely cut out unhealthy foods because I don't believe in depriving yourself but I love the idea of switching and researching new types of foods!
I actually found a vegan diet really beneficial for my body and also cutting out dairy products. Instead of going cold turkey thought and completely cutting out sweet treats, I think a healthy approach would be to find healthy alternatives to my favourite snacks. I was kindly sent a large box of sweet treats from The Skinny Bakery* and I think this delivery has answered my prayers. The Skinny Bakery was created in 2013 by Mariella Forte, she fell in love with baking and she has been baking since she was 13. I can barely use a toaster so the idea of buying ready made goods is perfect for me.

A lovely bundle of goodies arrived and I found it incredibly hard to take photos at first. The smell, the packaging, the flavours - everything was presented flawlessly so it was pretty hard to take photos instead of eating everything! My parcel included Carrot Pearls, Red Velvet Pearls, Meringue Cookies, Chocolate Pearls and Mini Gingerbread Men. My favourite treat has to be the Chocolate Pearls, I have a very big sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate. I love that The Skinny Bakery uses healthy alternatives for the ingredients and on the website you can find a list of products that are vegetarian and a few of the cakes are dairy free.
The packaging means you can take them to work for lunch, packed lunches and I love that they have a subscription service. I'm really impressed with the large variety and availability on the website, especially because you can see how many calories are in each pot. The Chocolate Pearls are only 42 calories each and they really taste delicious! Have you ever seen a selection of sweet treats look this good? I hope you enjoyed naughty but nice blog post, let me know what your favourite ♥  

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