Thursday 21 June 2018

youtube - the fabulous goody bag ♥

I think I'm in shock that I've managed to post a week later on my Youtube channel. The perks of having a Mac laptop in my life again. For today's video I wanted to talk about the Fabulous Beauty Awards, in particular, the lovely goody bag I was kindly given after I took part with the judging day. There were quite a few products in the bag and I think the video would have been an hour long if I would have included everything, but there is a pretty good selection filmed for this video and it was lovely to sit down and see my first impressions of the different hair and beauty products. If you wanted to see my full blog post about my day at Fabulous HQ, you can read the blog post here. I hope you enjoy this video! 


  1. That MUA palette looks really lovely! So many stunning shades to try out there.

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