Friday 3 August 2018

#tiptalk - reflecting on my goals ♥

Bikini - eBay  |  Jacket - Bershka  | Necklace - New Look
It may be a cliche statement but this year is really whizzing past. It is officially the first week of August and for today's blog post I wanted to reflect on my goals for this year and I wanted to set some new ones. I think it is always great to reflect and now that we are just a few months away from the cooler seasons, I think today is a great time to chat and ramble. As I have discussed in one of my #TipTalk blog posts, I have learnt that quality over quantity is a good rule to follow when it comes to creating content. Yes, I'm slightly late to the party with learning that lesson but this may not work for everyone and blogging doesn't have a strict set of rules.  
Of course you have to find out what works best for you but compared to last year, I was creating a lot more blog posts but I don't think the quality of the photographs were very groundbreaking. I have never been a natural photographer, I have always been passionate about reviewing beauty products and styling outfits so to create and pose for photographs is new and uncharted territory for me. If we compare this years bikini blog post to last years, I think my attention to detailing has improved and I feel slightly more comfortable infront of the camera. Looking back, it also makes me glad that I chopped a large length of my hair - it was certainly crispy fried last year!
I am really excited for September because I am flying to Lanzarote with my uni best friend, Harri. I will certainly be packing my camera for the journey and it was a completely spontaneous trip that I didn't plan for this year. One of my goals was to actually save more than travel but I have managed to find a happy medium where I can save a reasonable amount. It has taken a while to get used to but I haven't been online shopping as much as last year - which is pretty great for my saving goals. Hopefully I'll be able to find some special photo locations in Lanzarote too, fingers crossed! 
Jumping back to this outfit, I decided to wear a leopard print denim jacket to clash with the bikini and I wore a gold cross necklace to complete the look. Adding a few extra items to this bikini gave the photo more substance and I like that it looks quite staged and posed. I think it is really important to reflect and see how you can improve and I hope next year I will be able to improve my photography skills even more and create more fashion related blog posts. What do you think of fashion blog photos, what tips do you have for improving your photography skills? 

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  1. This year really is whizzing by fast - too fast! September is a nice month of the year.
    You look amazing in that bikini - stunning - and your makeup and hair look beautiful. The jacket and gold necklaces add a nice tough to the look.
    Have a wonderful time in Lanzarote!
    Your fashion blog photos are great! I should be taking tips from you.

    P.S.: I just did my first post in over 10 months: National Underwear Day 2018, Panties in the News, Panty Modelling Fail, Thanks to Commenters


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