Wednesday 19 September 2018

jo malone velvet rose & oud cologne ♥

I will be moving in with Ollie in a matter of weeks and we have already started planning how we would like to style and decorate our flat. A big part of decorating the flat involves Jo Malone - I have been waiting and waiting to buy the candles and diffusers so I can place them around the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Whether the candles will be sitting on the coffee table or nestled in the bathroom, I am so excited to fill our flat with Jo Malone goodness. For today's blog post though I wanted to focus on the fragrance side of the Jo Malone brand, in particular the Velvet Rose & Oud cologne
Now before I start talking about this cologne, you can read my brand spotlight post on the Jo Malone brand here. I have been a lover of Jo Malone for years and I was really excited to shoot these photos at Dancers Hill House - this is probably one of my favourite blog posts to date. I was quite surprised that I picked the Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne because I really hate the smell of roses. I will try and avoid the scent at all costs but I was surprised how much I love the combination of rose and oud in this fragrance. Before I start discussing the notes of this cologne, I wanted to talk about the overall presentation and packaging. 
Part of the cologne intense range; this particular fragrance is available in 50ml and 100ml and the intense range is designed to have a richer and deeper scent. The packaging is absolutely perfection and just a side note - if you are looking to find a gift, you can't go wrong with a Jo Malone perfume or candle. I think the presentation of the Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance is beautiful and I still keep the bottle inside the box and black tissue paper. The actual scent is quite hard to describe, it has a vampy undertone to it and it is incredibly rich but glamorous at the same time. 
The notes include clove, damask rose and oud as the base note. Not only is this scent worn by men and women but the lasting power of the scent is what really blows me away. The quality of the fragrance is really long lasting but the scent is not too overpowering or sickly. It really says a lot about the quality of the fragrance, particularly when I don't normally like rose scented products. I think the oud element adds extra definition and spice to the scent and I love wearing this in the evening or if I am stepping out for dinner. The scent is also available as a candle, shower oil, body oil and shower oil which is ideal if you really want to complete your collection.
Overall, the fragrance may be on the pricey side but you don't need to constantly respray this fragrance. It is very long lasting and the quality and attention to detail is carefully thought out for this fragrance. The next fragrance on my list is certainly Pomegranate Noir, I really recommend that you visit the store and test out the fragrances, I am always popping into the Sloane Street store and the staff are very happy to help and explain the range. I recently discovered that the fragrances are perfect for layering together as well. What do you think of the Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance? Are you obsessed with Jo Malone like me? 

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