Wednesday 5 September 2018

the leesa mattress and pillow #AD ♥

It has been incredibly hard for me to leave my bed ever since I swapped my old mattress for the luxury Leesa foam mattress*, a year has gone by since I switched to a Leesa mattress and for today’s blog post I wanted to talk about my thoughts 12 months later. Not only will I be talking about my personal experience with the mattress and how it has changed my sleeping patterns but I have also been sleeping on the brand new Leesa pillow*. Now as I mentioned in my original review, the one thing I look for when I am about to buy a product is whether it straight to the point and easy to use, whether this is a hydrating face mask or even using a lamp for my bedside table - I like direct, honest brands.
I didn't expect a mattress to be so simple and easy to unpack and the website tells you everything you need to know about their brand mission and how they provide honest, reliable comfort for your bedroom. I still haven't moved into Ollie's flat yet so when I stay at his and then return to my Leesa bed the following night, I can instantly feel a difference when I'm ready to fall asleep. My mattress just moulds to my body and I always have a deep, comfortable sleep. It is a struggle having to sleep on Ollie's mattress when I know my bed is so much more comfortable! The Cooling Avena foam layer keeps your body cooler at night while the second layer of foam remembers your body shape to give you a personalised sleeping experience and the final layer of foam makes you feel stable so it is ideal if you suffer from back problems.
Now when the Leesa pillow arrived at my door a few weeks ago, I didn't realise how advanced the design actually is. My usual pillows will have a few feathers poking out and always end up loosing their shape and consistency but similar to the mattress, the Leesa pillow also has 3 layers to give your head great support and comfort and there are certainly no feathers popping out to say hello! The first layer of the pillow includes Outlast® - a technology that creates a chilling effect on one half of the pillow, the second layer includes a thin micro-fibre that keeps the pillow soft and the third layer includes a memory foam. 
I know the high technology sounds very advanced for a pillow and bed but I think if you spend a large part of your day sleeping, you need to have a comfortable experience to re-enegerise yourself. A good nights sleep will set you up for the next day. Although I do complain about bouncing from my parents house to Ollie's every other night, it has been pretty useful in terms of testing out the Leesa pillow. It has also been great for comparing two different beds because I can instantly feel a difference when I sleep on my pillow and mattress at Ollie's flat.
I usually have to use two pillows at Ollie's but I feel very supported with just using one Leesa pillow. Overall, if you are looking for a perfect nights sleep, I can't recommend the Leesa brand enough, not only am I impressed with the straight forward design but it does feel like you are sleeping in a hotel bed every night! Have you slept on a Leesa mattress or pillow before? I hope you enjoyed my review, this blog post has been a paid sponsorship for Leesa but as always all views and opinions are my own and I wanted to share my overall experience with the brand. To find out more about Leesa, you can visit the website here 


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