Monday 29 October 2018

banya no.1 spa ♥

On Sunday morning I packed my trusty bikini and headed to Hoxton to visit the Banya No.1 Spa and Health club*. I was kindly invited to visit the spa and try a selection of their famous treatments. Now I actually didn't do too much research into the treatments before I arrived, I had briefly read reviews explaining that the salon was one of a kind and I wanted to see if I would think this too. Okay, let's just say that the reviews and testimonials were not exaggerating. This spa really is unique.
This is not a typical spa review and if you are looking for a unique experience, grab some nachos and get your reading glasses ready because this review is going to be pretty detailed. I have been lucky enough to visit a few spa resorts because of my blog and although the treatments, interior, locations have been different, the routine of relaxing by a pool, receiving a facial or sitting in the sauna have been a vaguely similar experience and process.
When I arrived at Banya, I was certainly in for a big surprise. I was greeted with a warm smile as I approached the reception area, the spa was an easy 10 minute walk from Angel tube station and I even had time to grab a coffee before I arrived. I filled out the form regarding the usual health and safety details and I was taken to the changing room. I was handed a fresh towel and I was told to get changed into my bikini and to wait until I was called in for my treatment.
There is actually an area where you can order food and drink so I briefly glanced at the menu. It was certainly a different spin on the traditional spa menus I had seen in the past - vodka shots were a very popular section. While I waited for my treatment, I had the chance to grab my camera and take a look at the spa. The interior is infused with vibrant Russian culture, from art work to traditional Russian food; it is hard to believe that I just stepped inside from the usual London air and pavement. It is incredibly refreshing and completely different from anything I have seen and I love that you experience a different take on beauty rituals.
When it was time for the Parenie  treatment, I had no idea what would happen next. I stepped into a large room and I instantly noticed a large sauna. The sauna has been designed especially for the Parenie treatment. I was handed a felt hat to wear and just like that, my first experience of a Parenie treatment began, I was completely clueless but excited. I was instructed to lay on the table in the sauna room with my felt hat firmly in place. One of the staff members arrived also in a felt hat and holding a bunch of oak leaves - I really was confused.
After lightly dipping the oak leaves in the hot sauna water, a fast paced massage began...with the leaves. Yes, that is correct. The leaves were quickly beaten into my skin for a fast and tightening treatment. Surprisingly, it was not painful but it was a shock to the system! My experiences of having a massage has always been slow and mellow so my body was in for a pleasant surprise. My body began to sweat while the oil from the leaves began to sink into my skin. After the parenie massage was complete, I was told to step into a large container filled with water. 
Little did I know that the water was ice cold! I was instructed to dip my head underneath and a small bucket of ice cold water was also tipped on my head. It was certainly a shock to the system and a dramatic change in temperatures but this technique is great for improving your circulation and it has also been known to improve joint pain and muscle tension. After the massage treatment was completed, I was taken to a small room to experience a full body scrub. The honey and salt body scrub certainly lived up to its name, large salt granules were placed all over my body and I was scrubbed from top to bottom. 
The treatments do exactly what they say on the tin, think of the Banya Spa as the practical side of beauty. My experience of Banya may have been completely unique but I felt incredible when I left. The intense salt and honey scrub left my skin feeling smooth, flawless and even shiny. Visiting Banya is like nothing I have ever experienced before and I found it really refreshing to try something new and different to my usual spa visits. If you want something outside of your comfort zone and want to give your body a wake-up call, I definitely recommend you book an appointment 

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