Friday 2 November 2018

boston food time - the paramount ♥

Today I am continuing my Boston review on Fairytale Kiss and after sharing The Langham Hotel review yesterday, I wanted to talk about food today - in particular, breakfast. Now although I did have breakfast at The Langham, we also visited The Paramount in Beacon Hill. Ollie and I were spending the day in Beacon Hill and after doing some research online, The Paramount is apparently one of the best breakfast spots around. We grabbed a quick 10 minute cab to Beacon Hill and we arrived outside The Paramount to a hefty queue.
It was certainly a popular location! Despite Ollie being slightly impatient waiting in the line (honestly, the boy has no patience whatsoever) we were finally inside and the queue carried on right up to the counter. Looking around I saw quite a few photos of The Paramount, the building has a lot of history in Boston and after doing my research, I discovered that The Paramount opened in 1937. Although we arrived for breakfast, The Paramount actually serves lunch and dinner. 
Renowned for serving up beautiful comfort food, I was excited to see if the breakfast menu was worth the hype. From egg sandwiches to blueberry pancakes, the menu is pretty varied and I love that you have plenty of options from sweet to savoury. I decided to pick the Caramel and Banana French Toast dish, which is a change to my normal Eggs Benedict option. Ollie decided to order the Corned Beef Hash breakfast toast which is served with two eggs sunny side up, vegetables and pepper jack cheese.
When the dishes arrived, I understood what The Paramount meant by 'comfort food'. The portion sizes were incredible - even thinking about it now makes me hungry. The caramel sauce was rich and thick but surprisingly it was not sickly at all. It was a perfect match for the french toast and the bananas added an extra layer of sweetness. I am really not a sweet person when it comes to ordering food but this breakfast dish was incredible. 
It was pretty chilly in Boston so I decided to order a hot chocolate too, it turned out to be the perfect partner for my breakfast and it certainly put the 'comfort' in 'comfort food'. Ollie's dish I am not a big fan of corner beef but the pepper jack cheese was divine. The staff were incredibly friendly and attentive, considering how packed the small restaurant was, the service was efficient and the seating was spacious and away from the inside queue. Overall, the menu really does live up to the hype. I can't comment on the lunch or dinner menu but if you are heading to Boston, definitely pay The Paramount a visit. 
If you are planning on taking a trip to Beacon Hill, I would definitely recommend visiting The Paramount for breakfast or lunch and then exploring the rest of the shops. The buildings are absolutely breathtaking and if it is your first time visiting Boston, you have the opportunity of exploring an area full of history and culture. I have always said to Ollie that Beacon Hill looks like something from an American TV show. The Paramount exterior has character and charm without being too overbearing. I love that you can wear a pair of comfy leggings and a thick jumper while enjoying gorgeous comfort food in a beautiful part of Boston.
There is a reason why people queue down the road for this famous restaurant. The food is just incredible, rich, full of flavour and there are so many options to pick from. Whether you are craving carby toast like me or healthy quinoa dishes, there is something to satisfy your cravings. I was so blown away by the taste of my french toast, I am going to attempt to make it for breakfast tomorrow. I now have The Paramount to blame for my french toast obsession. What do you think of our breakfast choices? Are you a fan of sweet or savoury dishes? ♥


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