Monday 12 November 2018

femme luxe white mesh dress ♥

White Mesh Dress - Femme Luxe*
There is something pretty classic about a white dress. Although I have started looking at dark browns or khaki shades for my wardrobe, I will always love wearing white in the winter season. This particular white, mesh dress is from one of my favourite brands, Femme Luxe. I saw a few photos of models wearing this dress with tiny, tiny waists so I was not too sure if it would suit me. I was certainly in for a big surprise, I ordered a size 6 and it fits me like a glove and the mesh fabric is perfect for creating a firm, hourglass figure.   
I feel very comfortable wearing this dress and I love how flattering the neckline is. The straps are adjustable too so that is a big plus if  you want to change how low or high cut the neckline is. There is a subtle zip of the side which helps reinforce the hourglass shape around your waist area and I have to say, I am loving the longer length of this dress. It has a subtle split down the side of the dress which gives you a change to show of your heels. Of course, I had to reach for my usual Madame La La tan before I tried this dress on, I can look washed out if I don't sprinkle a bit of bronzer on when I'm wearing white. 
When it came to finding shoes, I decided to grab my nude, lace up sandals from Topshop, they don't take away the focus from the dress and the heels are always comfortable to wear. I want to say a big thank you to the Femme Luxe team for kindly sending me this dress, I can't to wear this on a girls night out so expect to see me wearing this with a cocktail in my hand. What do you think of this dress? Are you a fan of the mesh trend? Let me know what shoes you wear with this outfit. You can find the dress here♥ 

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