Tuesday 12 March 2019

yardley flowerful collection ♥

A few weeks ago I travelled to the Yardley event to celebrate the launch of the new Flowerful Collection* and to have a sneak peek at the spring/summer product launches. As always the Catalyst PR team nailed the venue and I made my way to Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden. As you can imagine, the rooms were simply beautiful. Covered head to toe in flowers, the venue was very beautiful and it matched the Yardley brand perfectly. In the middle of the room, three new perfumes were proudly displayed. I was lucky enough to test the three fragrances and I wanted to share my thoughts on the collection.
I was guided round each table and I was able to test each fragrance at the event as well. When it comes to trying a new fragrance, my immediate reaction is to take a closer look at the bottle. We all know I love to decorate my dressing table and seeing as I treated myself to a new mirrored table last month, I think the Yardley Flowerful fragrances would sit very well. The bottles are dainty and carefully designed, they look classic and very elegant. I love that the fragrances do the talking and the packaging and the bottles are not too overbearing. 
For me, the Elegant Iris fragrance is my favourite. The scent reminds me of a Tom Ford perfume without being as harsh or too expensive! This particular scent is inspired by floral bouquets, the notes include daisy, green leaves, red fruits with a woody base. The scent also includes iris, wild rose, jasmine and freesia. I have been using this in the evening and it just smells incredible, if you are looking for a new scent that doesn't smell too sickly or strong, Elegant Iris is a great place to start. After doing my research I also found out that the perfumes contain 90% naturally derived ingredients.
I'm actually really surprised that each bottle is £20.00, especially when the bottle size is 50ml. The staying power is incredible and it certainly makes a difference when someone asks you what perfume you are wearing. I've had Ollie and my sister ask! Now if you are looking to add a pop of spring to your perfume collection, the Yardley range will certainly deliver. There is something very exciting about finding a new fragrance and when a lighter season begins, I usually keep my deep, musky fragrances at bay until the autumn returns. I am really excited for the spring season to arrive and certain floral scents just complete the spring transition for me. 
The other two Yardley fragrances from the Flowerful collection include Decadent Mimosa and Luxe Gardenia. Both of the fragrances are also inspired by fresh, floral bouquets. Decadent Mimosa is not as deep or vibrant as Elegant Iris, the notes include mandarin, pear and pink pepper, which leads to mimosa flowers and a sandalwood and vanilla and musk base. I personally think this is a great fragrance for the day and it really brightens up my collection. It is not sickly at all and I think it can be really tricky to create floral fragrances that appeal to everyone. I love that I can't smell rose, I am really not a rose fan. I think all three fragrances have something to offer and the collection is a fresh twist on traditional floral scents. You certainly won't be disappointed. The final fragrance is called Luxe Gardenia, I am pretty excited about this fragrance because the notes include coconut water, sea salt and bergamot.
I very rarely find fragrances with coconut water in and when I first sprayed this perfume, the coconut scent hit me instantly. It is absolutely beautiful and very refreshing. It smells divine and I really love the idea of mixing floral scents with coconut. The fragrance also includes white flowers with gardenia, magnolia, orange blossom, frangipani and with an amber and vanilla base. If you love the scent of coconut, Luxe Gardenia is a great choice. It is really hard to pick a favourite because each scent is great for different occasions but Elegant Iris is still a winner for me. I am really impressed with the range and I can't recommend the Flowerly Collection enough. What do you think of the collection, are you a fan of floral scents? ♥

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  1. Ooh what a wonderful experience! These scents sound fabulous. I would love to try them myself!


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