Tuesday 2 April 2019

the black mesh dress ♥

Black Mesh Dress - Forever 21 |  Mini Dress - Pretty Little Thing 
Who knew I would be pairing black mesh with a tiny bodycon dress at 5 months pregnant? Sometimes you need to strip things back and keep it simple and this was the inspiration behind this outfit. I actually found this black mesh dress in Boston when I was shopping in Forever 21, it comes with a detachable black vest strap dress inside but I really liked the idea of pairing the mesh fabric with a different type of dress underneath. 
I have had this particular black strap dress for years, I was actually looking for a dress similar to Posh Spice from the early Spice Girl days and ASOS was a great place to start. The dress is a size 10 and the fabric stretches over my baby bump like a dream. Minus the chilly weather, this outfit is incredibly easy to wear. Again, I was going to reach for some heels for this look but I much prefer shooting with trainers at the moment or just keeping the focus on the clothing, rather than the footwear. Shoot wise, I am very fond of a flower wall.
Lydia and I spent the day shooting in Victoria and we spotted the beautiful Jo Loves store down the street. I knew I had to do my typical blogger poses in front of it and I am so pleased with how the photos have turned out. Even though the spring season has slowly crept up on us, I still keep black in my wardrobe. I'm not too crazy about floral prints for the spring, I am instantly reminded of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. For me, black mesh can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your accessories. I love wearing this outfit for dinner with a pair of nude stiletto heels or my clear glitter heels.
In London it is still pretty chilly so I would recommend grabbing an oversized coat, like the brown teddy bear coat that I've been stealing from Lydia. A black oversized blazer would look incredible with this fitted outfit and if you are feeling slightly trendy, a pair of trainers would tone this outfit down. What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of black mesh even in the warmer weather or do you have to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe when spring or summer arrives? Let me know how you would style this black mesh outfit ♥


  1. Although I usually love colourful outfits in Spring, you look absolutely fabulous rocking that black dress! Also, for some reason, these photos of you rocking that pretty dress reminded me just a little bit of Shannen Doherty-as-Prue in the original "Charmed". I miss watching Piper Phoebe and Prue together in Charmed episodes.
    Sorry for digressing, but I liked some of the outfits on that show.
    Your outfit photos are fabulous. I like the setting.



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