Saturday 8 June 2019

the leopard print set ♥

Cami Top - Primark | Satin Skirt - Primark
Over the past week I have had the chance to catch up with my blog posts and plan what content I want to create. With the baby due in July, I was struggling to focus on Fairytale Kiss and think about any new content because I needed to get the nursery ready and flat. Well, I am currently writing this blog post from a hospital bed so I now have all the time in the world. My July due date has taken an unexpected turn and I will now be hospital bound for the next few weeks, just to make sure bump is doing okay. I have been a slight mess over the past few week hence my radio silence but everything seems positive and stable right now and I feel my best and happiest when I am creating content for Fairytale Kiss.
I am finding it hard being away from home but it is better to be safe and surrounded by lovely midwives. Which brings us to today’s blog post, I have finally began planning new blog content and I had to start with this post. Leopard print is and always will be one of my favourite, go-to trends. From Scary Spice to Shania Twain, I have grown up looking at fabulous leopard print outfits and I can’t stop adding them to my collection. Strangely enough today’s outfit didn’t actually remind me of Scary or Shania.
I bought this matching skirt and cami top a few months ago from Primark, I was trying to find some outfits that would fit over bump but would also be wearable after pregnancy. I was struggling to see anything that would look comfortable when I spotted this matching set. I was instantly reminded of a Buffy episode from season 6 and this particular outfit. Okay, the fabric is not very similar but I loved the idea of wearing a loose, satin cami set. I grabbed a size 8 and rushed to the changing rooms to see whether the fabric would be comfortable for me...and of course, bump.
Luckily the skirt and top felt practical but I still felt like I could dress this outfit up. We all know what I’ll be mentioning next, yes, my favourite nude sandal heels would fit perfectly with this outfit. It is simple, classic and the soft, flowing fabric is perfect for the summer weather. You could dress this up with heels or you can easily make it casual with an ankle bracelet and white trainers. For this particular photo shoot, the weather was absolutely freezing so I decided to stick with trainers for the photos. 

I do regret not taking any photos with a pair of heels on but I’ll save that for another day. I popped back into Primark a few weeks ago and they also have this fabric in a maxi dress style so if you aren’t too keen on a skirt and cami top combination, a maxi dress is a perfect alternative. The black lace detailing really sealed the deal for me, I loved the subtle black straps for the cami top because it didn’t take the focus away from the leopard print fabric and it still looks dainty and subtle. What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of leopard print? 


  1. Sending you lots of positive thoughts. I hope all goes well! Being away from home would definitely be super difficult. You are beautiful <3

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