Tuesday 11 February 2020

femme luxe series #10 ♥️

It is time for my latest Femme Luxe* post and this week I am diving in with my first outfit. I actually thought the black leggings were made from faux leather but when they arrived I was so happy that they were made from vinyl. I haven’t tried on vinyl leggings since I had Sofia so I was pretty pleased that they fit me, I would definitely recommend going up a size though if you want to order them. When I saw the grey corset top I knew I had to order it, I love trying new styles and I never usually wear grey. Femme Luxe also have this corset in a pretty peach shade too - perfect for Valentine's Day.
The next outfit is the same colour and material as this corset and legging set, I decided to see what it would look like as a dress and I was not disappointed. The dress has a long zip down the back which means the PU fabric can really cling to your curves and it creates a lovely fit. I decided to go a size up in this dress just so the bust area would fit me better. This dress is also available in black but I just love how bold the red fabric is. Finally we have my final outfit, I have not worn green in a while and the emerald shade really stood out to me. 
The fabric is light and slinky so it creates curves in all the right places. I love the wrap design of this dress because you can style the wrap exactly how you like. I decided not to create a bow, I wanted the extra fabric to hang because it looks more dramatic. This dress would be perfect for dinner or a first date. It is also available in a deep, burgundy red shade. What is your favourite outfit this week? I would have to pick the vinyl trousers, they will add instant 90's vibes to any outfit and they look amazing with stiletto heels. Let me know what trend you would like me to try next! ♥️

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