Wednesday 6 May 2020

the diary #01 ♥

Pink Sunglasses - Versace  |  Black Corset - Femme Luxe*
Last year I created a short but sweet blog series about being pregnant and unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn't really get a chance to extend the series. Before I knew it, Sofia arrived a bit earlier than expected and I haven't been able to really sit down and write in a while. I thought it would be nice to create a new series called The Diary. It will carry on The Baby Diary series but it will also feature what I have been doing as well, so it is not just baby focused. The Coronavirus is still keeping the UK in lockdown so the past 7 weeks have been daunting to say the least. 
Sofia will be 11 months old next Monday and it is quite hard to believe that I haven't seen my family in 7 weeks, I do feel comforted knowing that I am doing everything I can to keep Sofia safe indoors. I have just started to wear a mask when we leave for our hour walk and to be honest, I am still in shock. Seeing the empty streets and closed shops just gives me an eerie feeling and I certainly didn't expect 2020 to unwind like it has. With everything going on, it has made me want to write things down more just so I can remember every detail, Sofia is not walking yet but she is holding herself up with one hand. 
She is finally saying 'mama' and she looks at the front door for Ollie when he comes back home from the office. She is changing and growing every day and I finally feel like I am juggling life as a mum while still doing things that I enjoy like reading, writing and creating blog content. I have just fed Sofia some porridge and read her Spot the Dog and she is now playing in her playpen, this has certainly been a saving grace, it allows me to tidy and get on with little bits while she can play with her toys. I'm going to jump in the shower and get ready for our daily walk and I need to quickly run the carpet over with the hoover. Exciting chores of the day! 
This week Ollie and I have been watching Benidorm, we need a touch of humour right now and Benidorm is just perfect although it is making me crave the hot Spanish sun. I had booked a trip to Venice for Ollie's 30th birthday for August but I have a feeling this may be put on hold for 2020. We don't have a garden or balcony in the flat so I am really craving the sunshine but a dash of tanning oil is filling my suntanning void in the meantime. Apparently, on Monday the government will be talking about lifting the UK lockdown slightly so we will have to see what happens. In the meantime it is time to get ready for my daily walk. I hope you are all keeping safe and I will catch you on my next diary post 

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  1. I looked up the TV series 'Benidorm' on Wikipedia and am surprised I wasn't already familiar with it.
    Happy 1st birthday a month and five days in advance to Sofia!!!
    You look extremely attractive in all of these photos whilst wearing the black PU hook and eye scoop neck crop-top from Femme Luxe. Your lips look gorgeous, and your mascara and black nailpolish look beautiful.
    All the best, and kudos on being careful. xx

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