Monday 29 June 2020

current beauty favourites #03 ♥

You know the drill, I have found another piece of satin fabric in my flat so prepare for another product shoot. We all know I am pretty basic when it comes to my photography skills so I refuse to let the satin photo prop go for now, so apologies if you prefer my usual photos. I am back with a new Current Beauty Favourites post and I am ready to get chatty. So get your Wagamama's ready and feel free to hear me rave and chatter - I am very excited about my product picks today and I think you will be too. If this is the first Current Beauty Favourites post you've come across, this series is a chance to ramble about what I am testing out and loving at the moment.
I have always had a passion for beauty products and even now as I am typing this, I am trying out a new eye mask. But before I get distracted, let's start with the first product for this blog post. I decided to pick four products today just so I can give you a detailed review. Let's start with eyeshadow - I am very particular with the products I use on my eyes. I like using a gold, shimmer for the base of my lids and a dark brown for the crease - luckily for me, the Stila Road Less Traveled palette* has both and much more. As you can see from the photos, the products have been used quite a bit and this has given me the chance to really test them properly. I have been glued to this particular Stila palette since it arrived at my doorstep.
If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone with eyeshadow but still want your trademark brown smokey eye like me, this palette is the perfect balance. I can play with beautiful teal tones or playful pink shades or I can wear my classic brown tones. I have loved Stila cosmetics for years because the quality and pigmentation is always incredible, the latest palette is no exception. The next product I am featuring is the Dr.PAWPAW Rich Mocha balm*, I reviewed this balm late last year and it is still on my mind. This is my perfect brown shade, it just creates a subtle, effortless effect and I love how I am in total control of how vivid I want my lips to be. This balm is a superhero and it is always in my make-up bag. 
Next, we have the Collection Lasting Perfection Weightless foundation, I bought this a few weeks ago because I wanted to find a foundation that was quick and easy to use if I wanted to run out to the shops to grab some food. I haven't used Collection products since I was in my late teens but I am really loving this foundation formula. It creates a gorgeous, natural glow and it only cost me £4.99 from Superdrug. If you are in a rush and you don't want to 'feel' your face make-up, this is a great choice. Last but certainly not least we have the Lidl skincare brand, Cien. I have been using the Q10 Intensive Serum for the past few months and the formula has left my skin feeling soft and incredibly hydrated. I use it before I get into bed and it feels lovely on my skin. I have rebought this a few times and I love how affordable it is. ♥

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  1. Everything looks so gorgeous and I can see why these items are favourites. That palette looks beautiful!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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