Wednesday 15 July 2020

the grazy days range ♥

If I’m not try to squeeze into leather outfits, you’ll usually find me watching my Buffy box set and eating the night away. Is there anything more beautiful than food? Or in my there anything more beautiful than food I haven’t tried to cook myself? I’ve always been pretty honest when it comes to my poor cooking skills, I am guilty of always ordering food and Deliveroo has a very special place in my heart. So you can imagine how excited I was when the food platter trend blew up on my Instagram feed, I know I’m super late to the party but for some reason everyone is ordering food platters!
Thanks to our unfriendly neighbourhood Coronavirus, we’ve had to swap our Instagram restaurant selfies for takeaway boxes on the sofa but now I’ve been seeing more photos of beautiful picnic boxes in the parks or in the garden. I was lucky enough to try the “Homemade Dessert Box” from a company called Grazy Days*. Based in South London, Grazy Days create fresh and beautifully prepared boxes and food boards, crammed with savoury and sweet treats. With Level 2 food hygiene, the Grazy Days boards and platters are fresh and bursting with variety.

I opened up the Homemade Dessert Box and I was greeted with a selection of triple chocolate brownies, freshly baked meringues, whipped cream, lemon drizzle cake, and a selection of fresh berries. With Sofia crawling into mischief nowadays, I certainly wouldn’t have time to prepare a spread if guests were popping round so I love the idea of ordering a giant grazing board that Grazy Days has already prepared. The “Original Grazing Board” is my idea of heaven, from freshly cooked scotch eggs, peppers and cheese, this board is certainly my idea of a party starter. 
Whether you have a real sweet tooth for triple chocolate brownies or if you love cheese and crackers with a glass of wine, Grazy Days have a pretty impressive selection. Overall, I think the dessert box tasted divine, everything was styled and baked to perfection and the box arrived wrapped with a neatly wrapped bow on the outside, it would definitely make a great gift. I love the idea of ordering a box and taking a picnic blanket and cocktail mix and sitting in the park - I spotted Lucy Mecklenburgh doing this a few weeks ago and a late-night picnic date is now on my to-do list. What box would you choose from Grazy Days?  Do you prefer sweet or savoury platters? You can find Grazy Days on Instagram here 


  1. That is all too relatable! A night of delicious food and Buffy DVDs sounds perfect to me!
    the creation of beauty is art.

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