Thursday 10 September 2020

current beauty favourites #05 ♥

Home, sweet home. After years of writing product reviews, I never get tired of sitting down with my duvet and writing a new beauty post. Today is no exception and I am diving right into my first product selection, the Stila Stay All Day Foundation. I have been featuring Stila products for years and to this day, it is one of my favourite beauty brands. The quality throughout the range is simply out of this world and it doesn't get any better than the foundations. I had been enjoying the sunshine and tanning in my mum's garden over the past few weeks and lucky for me, I have caught the sun. On the downside, this now meant that my current foundation did not match my face anymore.I was in desperate need of a new foundation to match my tanned skin tone so I decided to treat myself to the Stila Stay All Day Foundation. I picked up the shade Golden 10 and with 16 different shades to choose from, I knew I would find the perfect match. I have dry/oily combination skin but the formula does not leave my skin looking oily at all. I have described this foundation in the past as 'airbrushing in a bottle'. It creates a flawless canvas for your skin and it is still one of my favourite foundations of all time. The packaging has changed since I first started to use Stila and I am just loving the gold bottle, especially the top compartment which holds a hidden gem - a concealer. 
This concealer is incredibly creamy, it feels like butter and covers every single imperfection, I have a rather annoying dark patch on the left corner of my eye area but this concealer hides it with no trouble at all and I don't even have to keep reapplying it. It does the job right away, without hassle. If you are looking for a new foundation or if you want to try a full coverage foundation now that the autumn season is approaching, the Stay All Day Foundation would be my number one choice. The next product that I have added to this Beauty Favourites post is the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask. If you are a fan of coconuts, you'll be pleased with this beauty favourite pick today.  
As cliche as it sounds, now that I am a mum, I personally find it harder to enjoy the little beauty routines that I used to have. After running after Sofia all day, tidying, running errands, and cooking, I am finding it really hard to get up and pamper myself. As ironic as it sounds, I'm so tired that it feels more like a chore than a treat. So much so, that I am now trying to put together a new routine to look after myself better, (I will be writing a post about this tonight), this is why I am a big fan of hair masks. I can sit in the bath and read or watch an episode on Netflix while the hair mask works its magic. I have been using the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask for the past few weeks and the results are incredible.
Not only do I love using this mask because of the delicious coconut scent, but my hair has never felt better. My hair is usually pretty damaged from the heated tools I use so a hair mask is an essential product for my hair routine. This particular mask has just kept my hair feeling silky and smooth and the coconut scent just keeps me coming back for more. It is really affordable and best of all, it is ideal if you have normal to dry hair and you need a pick me up. I certainly need to grab the shampoo and conditioner from this range. For my next Beauty Favourites pick, I needed to add the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum fragrance to this list. This perfume actually belongs to Rebekah and she's let me use it for the past few weeks. 
Where do I start with this fragrance? It smells simply divine and I can understand why there are so many rave reviews about this perfume. The top notes include Calabrian Bergamot, the heart notes include Grasse Rose and the base notes include Rosewood. The overall scent of this perfume is woody, but it does have a very sweet, floral side. Miss Dior is currently my new go to perfume before I leave the house. In 2017, the Miss Dior fragrance was revamped and you may have seen the glossy adverts with Natalie Portman. Not only is the fragrance addictive and easy to wear during the day, it is my new favourite and I think the bottle is elegant and very classical. The scent is rich but not overpowering. If you are looking for a new fragrance, I certainly recommend this. It also goes without saying how beautiful the bottle design is. 
Last but certainly not least we have the Sleek Highlighter palette in the shade Solstice. Normally I would be drawn to the Sleek Precious Metals palette because of the warm, bronze tones but Solstice was a pleasant surprise. The powders are a personal favourite because they are so pigmented, they look perfect when I apply them on my cheekbone and nose. The palette includes two baked powders, one cream highlight and an intense shimmery powder. The swatches don't do the real life pigmentation justice, the bold and detailed results are incredible and I was really surprised how much I have been loving this palette. What do you think of my Beauty Favourite picks this week? Let me know what product you have added to your shopping basket 

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