Monday 12 October 2020

the jungle jacket ♥

Cropped Faux Fur Jacket - Katch Me* | Brown Ribbed Dress - Missguided
I'm starting the week with a clear mind and this mainly involves having a clear wardrobe. I think I am finally ready to admit that I have too many clothes and I am just a mess when it comes to organising. I have been trying to pack up my summer clothes and get the autumn/winter outfits prepped and ready. I was kindly sent this gorgeous cropped faux fur jacket from Katch Me and it just makes me so excited to wear faux fur in the colder weather. Don't get me wrong, I certainly prefer the summer season, but winter fashion just ticks every box for me, especially coats and jackets. For today's post, I wanted to talk about a few autumn/winter outfit favourites that I will be grabbing this year. 
Let's start with this outfit, I am absolutely obsessed. The Missguided dress is ribbed with long sleeves and it has a subtle underwire to add extra definition and it helps create an hourglass shape. Warm, chocolate brown outfits give me strong When Harry Met Sally vibes and even though I hate the colder seasons, I can certainly appreciate the outfits and colour palette. I actually wore this dress with sandals in the summer and it works perfectly with warmer weather, but if you want to switch up your summer dresses for the colder weather that's in store, I would start by grabbing a pair of ankle boots and a faux fur coat. 
This particular faux fur jacket is right up my street, the cropped style is really flattering for a bodycon midi dress and I love that it gives the brown dress a little pop of colour without being too bold.  I didn't want to wear anything too colourful to distract from the jacket and I would certainly grab a small, shoulder bag to finish the look. I am loving the zebra pattern and this automatically makes me excited for the return of my  faux fur coats. If you aren't too keen on pairing a dress with this jacket, a fitted pair of leather trousers would be my next choice. Whether you want to grab a pair of white trainers or strappy, stiletto heels, this jacket can be a casual or dressy option with trousers.
My autumn wardrobe will contain simple, classic pieces because my faux fur coats will be bold enough. I love staple dresses that you can layer with heeled boots and big coats and today's outfit is giving me very strong 00's vibes. Heeled boots, faux fur coats and fitted midi dresses are firm favourites for my wardrobe this year. What will your autumn wardrobe look like? Are you a fan of cropped faux leather jackets?  Let me know how you would style this jacket. Keep your eyes on my new Katch Me post, I will finally be styling the red vinyl set and it will also be worn for my upcoming Halloween photos. ♥


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