Sunday 17 January 2021

superdrug daily deal - the five blade razor ♥

Another day of lockdown can be crossed off our calendar, I think I've lost count now and I know most of us are feeling pretty demotivated at the moment. We all have different coping mechanisms for dealing with the pandemic and whatever works for you is the main thing. Personally, I try and keep myself occupied by using my downtime to vamp up my beauty and grooming routine or organise my growing pile of loungewear outfits. I feel much better when I spend a little time pampering myself and focusing on self-care. Don't get me wrong, I do have my days when I'm still in my Beauty and the Beast PJs, but I really like feeling productive in any shape or form.
So for today's post I wanted to talk about shaving and my top tips for soft, smooth legs. I was kindly sent the B. 5 Blade Pink & Rose Gold razor* to try from the lovely team at Superdrug. Its not everyday that you get to test out Superdrug goodies so of course I had to get my camera and nightdress out for a typical, posed Jade photo shoot. Over the top posing aside, I used the razor on Wednesday night and I am pretty blown away by how smooth it left my legs feeling. The razor is cruelty free, dermatologically approved and vegan, it includes a lubricated strip above the five blades and it is coated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which keeps skin irritation at bay. This razor is designed especially if you have sensitive skin and since I've been using it, I have not had any cuts.
This makes a pleasant change to the regular, disposable razors I have been using over the past few months. Usually priced at £9.99, Superdrug are including this razor in the Daily Deals offer on the 19th January. For just 24 hours, you can get the B. Five Blade Razor for just £4.97 and you can find this offer online and in store. Now when it comes to my shaving tips, using a thick, shaving foam is essential for me. I can suffer from ingrown hairs and I can be quite clumsy if I don't cover my skin before shaving. I remember secretly shaving my legs with a razor when I was 12 years old without using a shaving foam and the memory still haunts me today, the pain and rash was pretty unbearable so I know how important it is to use a foam or lathered up shower cream before reaching for your razor. 
It really does make a difference. Changing your disposable razor regularly is essential for avoiding ingrown hairs or a rash, especially when you don't want to use a razor with built up old hair and foam on it. Most importantly, take your time and don't rush, this means you won't miss any patches and your legs, underarms and bikini area will be smooth and hair free. Overall, I am blown away by how smooth my legs have been feeling since I've been using the B. Five Bladed Razor. Not only is the design pretty, but it leaves my legs feeling silky smooth and that is always a win, win for me. Let me know what tips you have for shaving, don't forget to set your alarm for the Superdrug Daily Deal this week. ♥

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