Thursday 11 February 2021

lockdown skin saviours ♥

I feel like a nice, chatty blog post today. I have my hot chocolate next to me while I type this and my electric blanket is working its magic. The snow has returned in London and I've spent the past few days trying to build a snowman for Sofia, we both need to take a break from my snowman building skills. Minus my hate for the outdoors and cold, I managed to shoot new blog content at the weekend. I really think my blog has been a life saviour for me when it comes to lockdown, especially when it comes to testing out new beauty products. I'm taking you back to 2005 when 14 year old Jade first tried the Dove Nourishing Body Care Self-Tan Lotion. 
When the summer came, my friends and I were ready to tan our legs because we still hadn't discovered tanning mousse back then. After popping to the shops to grab some baby food for Sofia, I spotted the Dove Self-Tan Lotion on the shelf and I was instantly hit with nostalgia. I felt like I needed a break from my regular fake tan routine seeing as I don't want to use up all of my fake tan when I can't get dressed up and leave the house anyway, so a tinted tanning lotion seemed like a perfect idea. It is incredibly affordable for £2.99 and I have been applying the lotion for almost a week now and I think this is the lockdown pick me up I needed.
I've been applying the lotion an hour before I get to bed so it can dry and using it like a regular moisturiser has been perfect for me. We all know I love a multipurpose product and the consitency of the Dove lotion is thick, creamy and it feels lovely rubbing this into my skin. My skin feels smooth and soft and I apply it, I have usually been applying it after I come out of the shower. If you want a breaking from regular tanning and using a mitt but you still want a healthy glow, the Dove Self-Tan Lotion is still a dream come true. For £2.50 you can't go wrong and my tan is subtle and incredibly natural looking. 
The next product I have been using over the past few weeks is from Superdrug, you may remember I was kindly sent a lovely care package from the Superdrug team, which included the Optimum Retinol Serum*. Not only is the packaging beautiful but this serum is incredibly light and easy to blend into your skin, I have been using this just before I get into bed. I have used a few retinol based products before that have left my face feeling sore and red but the Optimum Retinol Serum hasn't irritated my skin at all. My skin looks brighter and fresher and you only need a small pea sized amount. If you are a retinol newbie like me, this 30ml bottle is a perfect introduction, it is really affordable and there are quite a few retinol products in the Optimum range.
I will certainly be adding the Optimum Retinol Day Cream to my wish list, they also have a night cream, booster drops and an eye cream included in the range. Last but not least we have the Naturally Radiant Glow Skin Perfecting Booster, I was so excited to try this serum because my skin has been really dull lately and I don't know whether its because I'm stuck inside all of the time and I need a bit of sunshine in my life, or my lack of drinking enough water. Either way, I need all the help I can get. The Naturally Radiant booster serum not only looks pretty in pink but the ingredients sound good enough to eat.
Vegan and cruelty free, this serum is made from vegan coconut yoghurt and it designed to give your skin the perfect pick me up. I love applying this whenever I have a spare minute - I think I'm addicted. It has a very milky formula to it and is a lot lighter than the Optimum Retinol serum so I don't mind using both of them in my routine together. My skin feels dewy, soft and healthy after I apply a few drops on my face and I don't think I can live without either of these skin saviours now. So there we have it, a few new products, (and old favourites), that I have been using in my downtime when Sofia is not running circles around me. Let me know what products you have been loving during lockdown? Have you started trying anything new? 

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  1. So glad you have been loving these products lately! Dove has so many fantastic items. I haven't tried that self-tan lotion but it sure sounds good!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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