Tuesday 23 February 2021

love yourself - keto diet ♥

I am back with a brand new review about one of my favourite healthy meal delivery services. I have been lucky enough to try out the Keto diet menu from Love Yourself*. We all know I try really hard to eat healthy and it isn't easy when you have a love for takeaways, but I have always loved the idea of a healthy version of a takeaway. Which is why Love Yourself is the perfect solution, especially if you don't fancy spending your afternoon in the kitchen. So before we get started, let's talk about the Keto diet. What exactly is it and how does it work? After doing my homework, I found out that the term 'keto' is short for ketosis, a high-fat diet that focuses on burning fat rather than carbohydrates.
The Keto diet focuses on low-carb food and you skip anything sugary or too heavy like fizzy drinks, white bread or pastries. Now with all new diets, if you are thinking of switching your eating habits and you have any health issues, it is best to speak to your doctor just to be on the safe side, they will know whether the keto diet will be beneficial for you in the long term. I have been upping my exercise routine with dance sessions and longer, brisk walks so the keto diet seems like a perfect partnership to help me burn fat. This diet has also been a keen favourite for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass. For me, I just love the idea of trying healthy dishes that I haven't failed miserably at cooking myself. 
I love the idea of eating healthy food that tastes amazing and whether you want to use Love Yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, I think its a lovely treat when you want a day off from food shopping and cooking. One thing that I love about Love Yourself is how much they update you when it comes to the delivery process, not only can you track where your food is but they tell you how far away they are from your house. I received my freshly prepared Keto bag in the evening so it was ready for the next day. Inside the bag there is a morning meal, snack, lunch and dinner prepared and ready. The morning meal consisted of a bacon, avocado salad with cucumber, tomato, spinach and hard boiled eggs. 
I had a raspberry smoothie for the snack, for lunch I had meatballs with broccoli and for the last meal of the day, I had chicken with a creamy, blue cheese sauce. I didn't know what to expect from the Keto diet so I was really impressed that the portion sizes and actual dishes were filling and more than just soup and plain salad. I think there is a big misconception that healthy meals have to be simple and basic but Love Yourself are big fans of flavour and tasty combinations. I was really impressed with the bacon and avocado salad, it was a lovely way to start my morning and it was really filling. Around 11:00 AM I had my smoothie, it was made with almonds and raspberry's. I popped a few ice cubes in the smoothie and it was delicious, so fresh and tasty. 
For lunch I ate meatballs with broccoli, I loved that the meatballs weren't over processed or drenched in sauce, I was really impressed with the portion sizing too - I'll definitely be recreating this dish! Last but certainly not least, I tried the chicken in blue cheese sauce, I was really excited to try this meal because I am a big lover of blue cheese. I was not disappointed, it was out of this world and I even had my brother and Sofia trying to steal some. So what did I think of the Keto diet? Overall, I am still obsessed with Love Yourself. Not only is the delivery organised and efficient but the meals are simply delicious, the fact that they are all healthy and nutritious is certainly an added bonus. It just goes to show that eating healthy doesn't have to be bland or boring. 
With Sofia running around in full blown toddler mode, its a lovely treat to have my meals ready to go. Love Yourself have such a wide variety of menu options so you can find a diet option to suit your taste, whether you prefer a vegetarian option or if you want to try a juice cleanse, you are spoilt for choice. I was really impressed with the keto menu and I love the idea of treating yourself to something fresh and delicious. What do you think of Love Yourself? Are you a fan of the keto diet, let me know what you think of the menu. You can find my other Love Yourself reviews here, if you are looking for more of a detox diet, I can't rave about the Love Yourself Juice Cleanse enough, it is definitely worth a try if you want to give your system a little refresh. ♥

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