Saturday 27 March 2021

love yourself sunday roast ♥

It can be a struggle finding foods that Sofia enjoys eating, she is very fussy at the moment and I find myself cooking a few dishes a night to see if she’ll find something to eat. I know it’s totally normal to have a fussy eater on my hands but it still can be stressful. I was so excited when the lovely team at Love Yourself* contacted me to see if me and Sofia would like to try the gourmet Sunday roast lunch menu. Love Yourself specialise in freshly prepared meals, they don’t use any additives, preservatives or processed foods. They prepare fresh ingredients everyday and they have a selection of healthy diets to try including their freshly prepared Sunday roast. 
The packaging is also designed so you can easily scan the nutritional information into MyFitnessPal and you can keep track on exactly what you are eating and how many calories each dish is. As we are still in lockdown, I think we are all dreaming about the days we can return to restaurants and I absolutely love that Love Yourself offer a healthy alternative to my regular takeaway meals. I decided to try the roast beef menu and I couldn’t wait for the delivery to arrive. I’ve been lucky enough to review quite a few Love Yourself options from their menu including the juice cleanse, keto diet and the pescatarian menu. The Sunday roast includes a 28 day aged beef sirloin, cooked medium rare and it includes a selection of sides.
The sides include crispy roast potatoes, seasoned with garlic, rosemary and thyme, Yorkshire puddings, roasted carrots and parsnips, glazed with butter and balsamic vinegar⁠, halved hispi cabbage,⁠ gravy, horseradish and yoghurt cream⁠ and cheesecake with Rhubarb compote and crumble⁠. As with all Love Yourself deliveries, you can easily track your delivery and find out exactly when it will be arriving. It really is the little things that makes your experience easy and simple to use and I like that you are updated when and where your food order is. A large box arrived and a menu was neatly presented inside the box, including a barcode for scanning. 
After I scanned this barcode with my phone, the cooking instructions were presented and you got to see a breakdown of the roast. Created for two people, I was absolutely astonished at the portion sizes. The Love Yourself roast could easily feed three people and luckily for my brother and dad, they were able to enjoy the roast with me. The box arrived with foil trays so you didn't even need to use your own baking trays for cooking, it was easily prepped for you. You simply had to heat up the food and serve. As you can see from the photos, the food pretty much does the talking. It tasted incredible and I love how fresh and vibrant the vegetables were, I was really impressed with the flavour and the portion sizes.
I fell in love with the Love Yourself horseradish, it arrived in a large sealed packet and I certainly enjoyed dipping the beef and vegetables in this. I didn't expect to see two vanilla cheesecakes in the box so I was very excited to try this and so was Sofia. Each dish tasted incredibly fresh and full of flavour, from the gravy to the beef, it was cooked and prepped to perfection and I didn't feel sluggish or guilty afterwards, it felt lovely to eat healthy food that didn't put me in a sluggish food coma like my usual food takeaways from my local Chinese or Indian. It certainly makes a nice change to my normal weekly dinners.
Overall, the Love Yourself gourmet roast is a well deserved treat, it tasted incredible and I love the attention to detail for each dish. Each dish was packed with flavour and to be honest, its lovely to have all the hard work done for you. I didn't have to spend hours chopping and shredding vegetables or marinating beef, I simply let the oven do the hard work while I sat down and put Desperate Housewives on. If you are looking for a well deserved break from the kitchen and if you are craving high quality restaurant food, the Love Yourself experience is a dream come true. What do you think of the Love Yourself delivery service? Are you obsessed with roast dinners like me? Let me know what you would be putting on your plate from your Sunday roast 


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