Wednesday 17 November 2021

#ShopList - current favourites ♥

Well, hello. It has been a while since I last posted on Fairytale Kiss and today I wanted to write a little update and share a brand new ShopList post. I have officially rebranded and changed the name of my blog, so Fairytale Kiss is no more. I actually created this blog as part of my university course 12 years ago and I think I came up with Fairytale Kiss through a name generator machine? The details are a slight blur but I have been meaning to change my blog name for quite some time. I have officially updated my website now and I just need to update my Instagram handle. I am excited for a new chapter with my blog and I have really missed creating content on here. 

I will be planning new content and focusing on more beauty product reviews but let me know if you there is anything you would like me to test out in particular. It is currently 7 degrees outside while I am typing this and I am wearing three jumpers, one snuggled on top of the other. I thought now would be the perfect time to create a new shopping post and include a few autumn favourites. I have kissed goodbye to my summer wardrobe and now I am hunting down every cosy knitwear item that I can find. What item are you loving my #ShopList post this week? I am a big fan of  the neon green boots - they will certainly add a pop of colour to any outfit. ♥

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