Friday 16 February 2018

l'oreal professional instant highlights ♥

Black Bandeau Dress: Boohoo
A few weeks ago I made my way to L'Oreal Professional headquarters because I was kindly invited to try the new Instant Highlights treatment*. When the L'Oreal email arrived in my inbox, it was a pretty amazing feeling and the greatest way for Fairytale Kiss to start 2018. Annoyingly I am waiting to buy a new Mac laptop so I can edit my footage but I thought it would be nice to share some photos from the event and talk about the Instant Highlights treatment. As I made my way to L'Oreal headquarters, I was handed a name badge and I was seated in the waiting area where I met two lovely bloggers called Sophie and Anna
We were taken upstairs and we were shown the backstage magic of the L'Oreal world - this is pretty much my version of Disney Land. I was seated with a make-up artist and my face was touched up and I was taken into my first room. Before photos were taken of my hair and before GIFs were also created. I decided to wear a simple black dress for the day but I soon realised a bandeau dress does not always show in photos! After my before photos were taken, we were taken to a waiting area where we were treated to personalised doughnuts and lunch. I was finally seated in the hair section and I met my hairstylist for the day. 
I was partnered up with Alfie, a talented hairstylist from Headmasters who is a pretty amazing L'Oreal Professional colourist. He explained how the new L'Oreal Professional Instant Revival treatment would work and what type of look he could create for me. Now the beauty of the Instant Revival treatment is that the heated plates can make your hair up to 6 levels lighter. The heated plates is a lot cooler than your typical pair of straighteners so it won't cause damage to your hair. The magic part? 
Normally to colour your hair, it can take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour to colour and lighten but the Instant Revive plates can change your hair shade in 15-30 seconds  - amazing right? This is a pretty incredible breakthrough in the hair colouring world so I was so excited to try the treatment myself and see what my newly coloured hair would look like. Before we started, Alfie sat down with me and we discussed what type of look I wanted. My current balayage was slowly growing out so we thought a colour refresh would suit my complexion and make my hair look healthy and shiny with the warmer weather approaching. 
We picked the Insta Revive treatment from the menu. He began to section my hair and apply the colour and once the colour was secured with foil, he ran the Instant Highlight plates through my  hair. After my hair was complete, he simply removed the foil and washed the highlighting formula out and he began to blow dry and style with curling tongs. I could not believe how fast the entire process was. My subtle hair change has really warmed up my complexion and I love how quickly everything happened!
Let's be honest, sitting in a salon for 3 to 4 hours is never fun so it is incredible that L'Oreal Professional now have a fast and simple option to offer everyone. The menu also includes Instant Pop, a bold or subtle colour option, Instant Lights, a subtle highlight effect to brighten your hair and Insta Contouring, a pretty clever way to compliment your face shape with colour placement. I loved how Alfie created subtle curls and I think this is the closest I will get to having Marilyn Monroe hair without cutting my length away. If you are looking for a fast alternative to hair colouring, check out your local L'Oreal hair salon to see if you can book an appointment for the Instant Revive treatment. What do you think of my new colour? Have you recently tried this new treatment from L'Oreal? ♥

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