Friday 27 April 2018

fabulous beauty awards ♥

Last Saturday I travelled up the London Bridge to attend the Fabulous Magazine Beauty Awards judging panel. I thought it would be nice to talk about the day and why I voted for particular beauty and hair brands. Every year Fabulous Magazine rounds up hundreds of beauty products and the beauty team and public vote for their favourite. This year I was lucky enough to be picked to join the panel so I arrived bright and early at the Fabulous head office. After we queued up outside the building, security checked our bags are we were guided to the top floor in the elevator. 
A large bar was waiting for myself and the other reader panel members and we were treated to freshly pressed juices and cakes. As the main area opened, Lauren Ezekiel, the Fabulous Beauty Editor began to explain the different tables and areas located in the room. We were split into two groups and the first group had to make our way around the tables and test out the products. There were quite a few tables and each table displayed different beauty products for a particular category. 
The first table I arrived at was the Ultimate Glow Getter category, I swatched and tested a few products but I found my winner pretty quickly. We all know I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury and the Beauty Light Wand was an instant winner for me personally. I love the soft puff beauty applicator and I personally think the glow and intensity is very eye catching, compared to other brands. 
For the Ultimate Eye Buy category, there were quite a few lashes, mascaras and eye shadows displayed on the table. Personally, false lashes will always be my go to product. I saw quite a few packs of Eylure lashes and I knew who I would be voting for. I have said time and time again why I love Eylure lashes and they certainly deserve a vote and recognition for constantly launching new collections and high quality lashes. 
While one half of us continued to vote for our favourite products, the other half of the room were being pampered by a selection of hair and beauty experts. I later queued up for the Benefit Brow Bar and my brows were treated to a much needed waxing. The Benefit beautician actually said my eyebrows had a nice shape to them already but the wax would add extra definition. After I had my brows waxed I made my way to the other beauty sections of the room. A few women were having their hair curled and blow dried and the others were being treated to make overs. 
It was a lovely opportunity to see the different beauty brands that were submitted for each category and it was certainly my idea of heaven to test products all day. I am incredibly thankful to the Fabulous team for inviting me to attend the panel last week and I am very curious tosee what everyone voted. I was kindly gifted a goody bag as I left so I will be filming a video this weekend and I will be going through each of the products. What products would you vote for in the awards? ♥

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