Thursday 30 August 2018

norvell ultra vivid tanning prep ♥

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As soon as I turned 18, I discovered fake tan and my ongoing love affair began. There is no denying that fake tan is confidence in a bottle, I don't quite feel myself if I leave the house without wearing some. I loved looking bronzed and sunkissed but I do look back at my early tanning days and I can see where my mistakes began. When I started university, I really became a lover of instant tan - more specifically the shimmer based formulas. Now don't get me wrong, the tans did exactly what they said on the tin (or bottle to be accurate) but I really struggled to use the instant tanning products correctly.
Now this brings me to today's blog post topic, I wanted to talk about the tanning errors I have made in the past and how you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes. I think the main lesson I have learned through my experience with tan is that not every product suits all. Whether the tanning product is a mousse, spray, liquid, lotion, mist, foam, oil, matte, shimmer, gradual, instant, natural or intense, you need to find what works with your skin and what result you would like best. I love using tans that give me an intense, bronzed look but I personally struggle using instant liquid formulas. 
No matter how hard I try, I can't apply matte liquid tan without looking like streak city. I find it incredibly hard to blend into my skin and I just don't feel confident using it. After years of testing out different brands and formulas, I have found that tanning mousse works best for me but the products that you use before and after you reach for your fake tan can actually make all the difference. I have been testing out the Norvell Ultra Vivid tanning collection for the past few weeks and the difference has been pretty impressive and so straight forward.
The Revive Skin Refining Scrub* is certainly a must have for your tanning routine, not only is the smell delicious (the scent is actually called Vanilla Summer) but the product itself is ideal for improving how your tan sets into your skin. I have been applying the scrub in the shower the day before I am going to tan but I have also used it a few hours before. The formula gently scrubs away your dead skin and any old fake tan. This makes a big difference to your tanning routine because it leaves your skin prepped and ready for your main tanning product, in my case - tanning mousse. 
I always make sure I scrub on my elbows, ankles and other areas that are quite dry naturally. I find that my tan can get patchy here if I don't prep them before. If you are looking for something more subtle, I have been topping up my tan with the Norvell Vivid Boost Tan Extender, I have been using this to add subtle colour and because it is a lotion, it develops over time and it is easy to use on your skin. It actually contains cranberry extract too which moisturises and brightens your skin. Overall, I have certainly learnt that prepping your skin before tanning can really improve your tanning routine and I am pretty amazed with how well how well the Norvell range works with my routine. What do you think of the Norvell tanning range? What is your favourite type of tan? I hope you enjoyed this tanning guide ♥

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