Friday 10 August 2018

the royal retreat spa ♥

On a bright and early Saturday morning, Jennie loaded her car and picked me up. We packed flip flops, make-up remover and swimming costumes. Not a usual way to start a Saturday but we were heading to Tunbridge Wells to celebrate my birthday. Okay, my birthday is in May but for my present, Jennie had booked a surprise spa day for us. I was so excited to take a little road trip to the Royal Retreat Spa in Tunbridge Wells and I couldn't wait to see what the spa was like. It had been a while since I visited a spa and I was really excited to see what the surprise treatments would be. 
Jennie and I try and do some sort of activity or event each month and for some reason, a spa day never crossed our mind. After having a typical Jade moment with the sat-nav, we finally arrived outside The Royal Retreat Spa. Parking can be tricky so to play it safe we paid for a day in the local car park right next door. When we arrived at the spa, we were given fresh towels and a locker key and then taken to the changing rooms. After having a quick shower, Jennie and I made our way to the main spa entrance and I was really impressed with the pool room interior. 
The interior has a very classic vibe and I especially loved the small statues placed around the spa room. Large chairs were located around the large pool and the glamorous cushions were strategically placed on top. We actually feel asleep for 30 minutes after our jacuzzi session! The atmosphere was incredibly soothing and calm and we left our towels on two chairs and we eagerly headed towards the jacuzzi. It was still quite early so it was lovely to enjoy the jacuzzi by ourselves. The water was lovely and warm so we were able to sit back and giggle as the bubbles worked their magic. Jennie is not a big fan of saunas or steam rooms but I am a big lover of the heat so I couldn't wait to get inside.
I walked over to the steam room and I had the entire space to myself which was certainly a dream! I love how close the jacuzzi, pool and steam room are. Now the spa opens at 9:00 am so it certainly pays off to arrive early to make the most out of your visit. After I relaxed in the steam room, the spa manager arrived to tell us about the start of our Revitalise 2-in-1 Detox treatment. The infrared sauna is switched on and you are told to simply lay inside for 30 minutes. The temperature slowly increases and this helps open your pores and it should make you sweat right before the contouring wrap begins.
The infrared sauna was an absolute dream from start to finish. If you are not a fan of extreme heat, this may not be the ideal treatment for you but I felt incredible afterwards. As we began to relax inside the sauna, the temperature began to rise and we were sweating very heavily. I don't think I have ever sweat this much before but it was unbelievable to see my entire body sweat. You can certainly understand how the sauna burns 600 calories for each 30 minute visit. It was even more enjoyable because Jennie and I got to sit in the sauna together. We were then taken upstairs to experience the final stage of the treatment. 
Our beauty therapist Maria explained that the contour wrap works best when the skin has been sweating. A green clay paste was applied to our stomach area and thin fabric was tightly placed around our waist. We then relaxed on the bed and Maria placed a tin foil sheet around our entire body. Maria then gave us a facial and a massage while we began to sweat even more! After the wrap was removed, we hopped in the shower and got ready to leave. I can certainly understand why people have raved about this particular treatment, you can see your body react immediately and if repeated frequently I can see how this can help with firming and toning your skin.
I am not over exaggerating when I say how incredible the infrared sauna is. It has actually blown my mind. The sauna and wrap treatment works differently with everyone but I personally was left speechless. I felt incredible after sitting in the sauna and I was sweating like no tomorrow. I can honestly say that the infrared sauna is an incredible way to open your pores and if this treatment was carried out every few weeks, you would probably see a big improvement with your skin. Overall, I had an amazing experience at the Royal Retreat Spa, the staff were friendly and welcoming and the treatment menu has blown me away. I can't recommend the revitalise detox package enough 


  1. Wow, this looks absolutely incredible! What a blissful way to celebrate.

  2. That excursion to the Royal Retreat Spa looks like a wonderful belated birthday excursion. It looks beautiful, clean and inviting there. I have never been to a spa, but looking at your photos and reading about it makes me want to. I love their decor.


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