Wednesday 15 August 2018

the zara satin skirt ♥

Black Skirt  - Zara  |  Polka Dot Top - Similar  |  Snake Clutch Bag - Similar  | Black Sandal Heels - Similar
When you were growing up, who did you want to be? As cliche as it sounds, I would often spend my teenage years flicking through magazines and looking at beautiful models. I loved seeing photos from the 50's and 90's of Hollywood celebs walking down the street and being surrounded by paparazzi. I think there is something very enchanting about a photo capturing a particular dress or haircut - it freezes the moment and you can look back at that photo and remember exactly how you felt. Growing up, I would try to avoid cameras like the plague.
I didn't have a clue about fashion or make-up and I always felt awkward taking photos with my friends. To be honest, I still do feel quite awkward in front of a camera but as a blogger, I love creating content for people to look at and I love looking back at photos of myself and seeing how my style is changing. For this particular look I was inspired by Cheryl Cole, she wore a similar outfit in 2007 and I remember seeing the paparazzi photo on a Pier's Morgan interview - random I know. That outfit has always stood in my head and for the first time, I actually feel like a grown up wearing this skirt and top.
It is slightly different to my usual leather leggings and boob tube combination that I usually grab from my wardrobe. I found this skirt in the Zara sale section for £11.99 and I am pretty happy with it. It has actually just been reduced to £5.99 if you fancied grabbing it. The style of the skirt actually creates an hourglass shape on my hips and I think the black satin really matches the polka dot mesh top from Primark. I think the Primark top is supposed to be part of a pjyama set but underwear as outwear is still a popular trend in 2018 and I am still riding this trend train. 
I would personally wear this outfit to a dinner and I think everyone needs a classic, black midi skirt that they can pair with a lace bodysuit or a t-shirt, depending on how casual you want to style yourself. I love feeling overdressed for some reason and this outfit just makes me feel elegant but the mesh fabric adds an edgier and riskier vibe. This outfit might not be everyone's cup of tea but I am loving the strong 90's/00's vibe. I never wear patterned tops so the polka dot pattern is a nice way to freshen up my usual, plain wardrobe palette. 
Although this clutch bag isn't on the practical side, it makes a change to my usual choice of handbag. It can pretty much fit my phone and lip gloss inside but that's about it - I picked this up from a shop in Alicante last month and the shape and design instantly reminded me of the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag. I think it adds an extra pop of texture to this outfit and I'm sometimes worried that my blog photos can look pretty samey but I am really obsessed with this particular look. What do you think of this outfit, are you a fan of mesh tops? Let me know outfit you would like me to create next ♥


  1. You look stunning - absolutely gorgeous! If you become a celebrity (which you should be) I could easily imagine you being photographed by paparazzi and on the covers of magazines and the Hollywood Reporter. The black satin Zara skirt and polka dot top are both very pretty, and your hair and makeup look perfect. I love these photos of you.

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! I love that skirt and of course, that amazing purse as well. You look stunning.


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