Saturday 25 April 2020

alien by thierry mugler ♥

After taking a trip down memory lane on Fairytale Kiss, I discovered that the last time I reviewed this particular fragrance was in 2013. Yes, I am talking about one of my all-time favourite perfumes; Alien by Thierry Mugler. I have featured this perfume quite a few times on my blog but I think it needed an updated review and I also wanted to get creative with my camera. Sadly, my 2013 blog photos just don't do Alien justice. This perfume is simply a work of art, in appearance and scent.
This fragrance was originally released in 2005 and I can vividly remember smelling a sample of the perfume in a magazine, while I was still in secondary school. Not only is the bottle design incredibly modern but the actual scent is bold and striking and even 15 years later, I am still obsessed and I still haven't found anything quite like it. For me, I always go back to Alien, it is my signature scent that I know I will always be in the mood for. The fragrance notes include amber, musk, jasmine and it has a strong woody scent.

For Christmas last year, Zak actually bought me an Alien gift set which includes a 30ml Eau de Parfum and a large candle. I couldn't think of a better concept for a gift set, especially the idea of combining a candle with the Alien scent and having the scent fill your bedroom or living room. Overall, if you are looking for a deep, rich, woody fragrance that is perfect for the evening, Alien is certainly worth a try. I have just typed the word 'evening' but I love this perfume so much that I wear it any chance I get, anytime, any place. It is simply addictive. What do you think of Alien? Have you tried this fragrance before? Let me know what your signature fragrance is ♥

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