Saturday 2 January 2021

the diary #06 ♥

So I started writing this blog post a few weeks ago, but of course I forgot to press publish! It has been a while since I wrote an blog post for The Diary series and I really like to mix up my blog content for Fairytale Kiss, so minus the late publish, you can read about a recent shopping trip and new bath routine! At the time of writing this post, we were just told about Tier 4 and fast forward a few weeks and we are still in lockdown. I started my day heading to Tonbridge Wells for a last minute Christmas shopping trip but fast forward to the evening and things are slightly different. 
The UK government have announced that London will be entering Tier 4. So this means Christmas is essentially cancelled for the majority of the South East. I feel like I need a time out from this year, it is certainly a year to forget but I am focusing on looking after myself and making time to relax. Sofia is fast asleep while I'm typing this and I feel pretty organised this week. I picked up a few more outfits for her today and I managed to sort out her wardrobe - which is usually rearranged on a daily basis. I haven't had a chance to have a hot bath in a very long time because Sofia is waking up throughout the night again. 
Which means by the time it hits 7:30pm, I am more than likely ready to fall asleep than be able to sit in a bath for a while. So these lovely photos were taken quite a while back, when I didn't feel so sleepy. A hot bath is exactly what I need to relax and my latest addition is stealing my dad's iPad to watch 90's films, and I started with one of my all time favourites - The Bodyguard. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston is a perfect combination and paired with a hot bath and candles, I am on cloud nine. For my Christmas present, Harri actually sent me a giant box of bath bombs so I am really excited to add those to my bath routine. I've added the bath bombs to my review list so fingers crossed I get on well with them. 
So now I've been kidnapping my dad's iPad, I am also adding a few Steven Seagal films to my list. I've been having a big binge of his films lately and I am a sucker for his cheesey 90's action hits. So apart from grabbing a few more outfits for Sofia, sorting out her wardrobe and enjoying a hot bath again, I am feeling pretty relaxed and excited for the New Year ahead. I have a lovely routine with Sofia right now and she is excited about everything which is lovely to see. I still can't believe she is going to be 19 months in a few weeks time. Let's hope the COVID situation will improve by then, I'm staying hopeful - ish. How are you spending your time with lockdown at the moment? ♥

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